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Cassie Cooper - Outreach & Content Writer

Cassie CooperCassie started her education in social media way back in the days of MySpace (remember that if you grew up in the 90’s/00’s) and ever since the internet made an appearance has shared an interest in this form of communication and a love of creativity.

After studying a degree in educational studies at the University of York in 2001 as well as working in a variety of jobs over her career including retail, schools, a library, and running an events business (over the last year even working at a covid testing centre!) she feels experience is just as important as qualifications and one thing she is most proud of is her family which consists of 3 children including a teenager (someone please pass the manual!) and it also matters to her that she is mainly self-taught.

Alongside sleep deprivation and new parenthood came the development of a Darlington based parents community group both online and in real time forging links between mums in business and members creating a new twist on the traditional mother and baby group. Her career as a mum blogger, writer and social media enthusiast working as a brand ambassador and reviewing days out/theatre shows/events and holidays for families has come about in the last decade and has lead to so many exciting experiences from climbing Durham cathedral, seeing many a theatre show (another great passion of mine) to reviewing sumptuous spa days for luxury hotels. She also regularly reviews books for publishers on her bookstagram account and reads whenever she gets the chance. She also loves chilling at her allotment with the family.

Cassie is a massive advocate for our beautiful region and therefore Linthorpe is a great choice for her, a North East family business with a big heart and amazing reputation. The amount of hours she spends scrolling her phone should hopefully put her in good stead for helping develop this side of the business and she looks forward to lots of exciting new ideas to write about and communicate to customers.

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