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Cool Blue Plus Nearside King Size Caravan Mattress
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Cool Blue Plus Nearside King Size Caravan Mattress

Our Price £449.95 inc. VAT

Reflex Foam
Cool Blue Foam
Choice of Depth
Medium Tension
12 Month Guarantee
Rolled Mattress
Non Turn Mattress
Top Width (A):
Left Hand Length (B):
Right Hand Length (C):
Bottom Width (D):
Mattress Depth:
Mattress Tension:
Mattress Cover:
Our Price £449.95 inc. VAT
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The Cool Blue Plus is the best all round mattress in our standard range. Essentially an upgraded version of the Cool Blue Mattress, the Cool Blue Plus is enhanced by twice the depth of cool blue memory foam, extending its comfort and capabilities to new levels!

Feel the luxurious comfort as your body sinks into the cool blue foam, safe in the knowledge that your muscles and contours will be soothed, without the mattress becoming warm as you sleep. This revolutionary material provides all of the benefits of memory foam, without the usual downsides.

With a faster reaction time compared to regular memory foam, you are free to change sleeping positions without the restrictive feeling that can be associated with it. As cool blue doesn't retain body heat, it regains composure as you take pressure of it, without the need for it to cool first.

The deep layer of cool blue works effortlessly in tandem with the orthopedic foam beneath. This dual layer construction ensures that your muscles as well as your back and spine are taken care of. Body weight is evenly distributed across your entire sleeping area, which prevents pressure points and alleviates aches and pains. The soft and spongey nature of the foam maximises the contact between your body and the mattress, whilst the robust orthopedic foam means the heavier parts of your body such as the hips and shoulders, are given the attention and support they require.

If you prefer a firmer mattress, select the option to upgrade the base foam to a denser level, giving the mattress an overall firm tension.

You can make further customisations as you see fit, adjusting both the mattress depth and the cover type as well.

Mattress Core
Delivery Speed
10 Working Days
Mattress Tension
Fillings Specification
Cool Blue (Double Layer)
Core Specification
Orthopedic Foam Base
Measured Depth Approx.
20cm / 25cm
Laygel Foam

Cool Blue Memory Foam

Keep it cool in those warm summer nights and throughout the year with a healthy layer of Cool Blue memory foam. Now Cool Blue memory foam unlike its counterpart traditional memory foam, disperses heat keeping you cool and comfortable while you sleep, but still retains the feature just like traditional memory foam, that allows your body to imprint itself while laying upon it but springing itself back into its original shape almost instantly.

Orthopaedic Foam

Orthopaedic Foam

Nestled just below the simply fantastic Cool Blue memory foam is a sizeable layer of orthopaedic foam that provides immense support and comfort. Working together with the Cool Blue memory foam the orthopaedic foam eliminates that ‘sinking’ sensation that you may feel, meanwhile soothing your body while you sleep soundly at night.

Rolled Up Mattress

Arrives Rolled Up

The Cool Blue memory mattress will arrive vacuumed packed and rolled, making it far easier to install.

Choice Of Depth

Choice of Depth

Choose one of three mattress depths 15cm/6 inches, 17.5cm/7 inches or 20cm/8 inches.

Optional Tension

Choice of Tension

This mattress naturally has a tension rating of medium/firm but for a small fee the mattress can be made to be have a tension rating of firm.

Choice of Cover

Choice of Cover

Choices, choices, choices! You have the option to choose from two mattress covers. The beautiful standard plain knitted cover or for a small extra fee, the luxury quilted cover.

Pressure Relief

Pressure Relief

Choose between three different mattress depths that are available for this mattress (charges will apply).

Pressure Relief

Pressure Relief

After a long hard day, you want to lay down on a comfortable mattress that carries away all those aches and pains. The Cool Blue plus mattress's objective is to relieve pressures and pains from key areas on your body (shoulders, hips and lower back) so you can have a rejuvenating and blissful sleep.

UK made mattress

Produced in the UK

This mattress is produced in the UK.

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Cool Blue Plus Nearside King Size Caravan Mattress

Cool Blue Plus Nearside King Size Caravan Mattress
Product isn't rated yet.
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