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Custom Size Ottoman Beds

If you're short on space and a regular ottoman bed just won't do, a custom size ottoman bed made by our team here at Linthorpe Beds is ideal. Created exactly to your specifications, your new divan bed will fit perfectly in your room, with extra storage space beneath the mattress. Just choose your selection from the grid to get started. We also sell custom size mattresses to match your bespoke ottoman bed, as part of our build your own bed service.

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Custom Size Ottoman Beds

Made to Measure Ottoman Base

Prices from £499.95
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W 5'6" 168cm x L 6'0" 183cm

End Opening Mechanism

A made to measure ottoman which opens from the foot end is ideal if you plan on having the 'headboard edge' against a wall, or if you have bedroom furniture next to your bed (such as a chest of drawers or a bedside table).

A set of handles at the bottom of the base, allow you to open the bed up to access the storage compartment. It is the ideal space for spare pillows and bedding.

This style of opening mechanism gives the classic 'ottoman bed look'.

End Opening Ottoman

End Opening & Drawers

In order to fully maximise your storage space, you can expand things further by including some traditional drawers in the head end of your bed as well. These are suitable for daily use, treating the ottoman end of the bed as something you would open more occasionally.

If you intend on using bedside tables in the room, you can even opt for 'contintental drawers'. This type of drawer is only half the width of a standard drawer, with the benefit being that they can be opened and closed, unobstructed by your bedside table.

End Opening Ottoman with Drawers

Innovative Gas Struts

A gas strut is a clever piston-like hinge that supports the base as you lift it up. These struts are designed to draw air into the main cylinder as they are extended. As this air is trapped in the chamber, the pressure keeps the strut in position and the mattress is perfectly supported, leaving your hands completely free.

Our short ottoman beds feature four gas struts to perfectly support even the heavier mattresses out there. When you're done, just give the mattress a little pull and the bed will gently fall back down.

Ottoman Bed Gas Struts

Optional Matching Headboard

Why not comeplete the look with your new custom-made ottoman bed, by including a headboard too. It'll be covered in the same fabric as your bed base, so that it all matches. There are various styles to choose from, available in 24 and 36 inch high (strutted), along with 54 inch floor standing versions.

Strutted headboards literally come with wooden struts which hold the headboard upright and have holes to allow you to affix the headboard to the bed base with bolts. Floor standing headboards are the more luxurious option, as they're solid along the whole length of the headboard. They are a lot more sturdy than strutted headboards, but they do come at a premium.

Floor Standing Apollo Headboard

Clever Storage Space

When the mattress of your bespoke storage bed is lifted up it will reveal the storage area underneath, which is finished in a lovely wood effect. This can be a great place to store books, clothing, shoes, handbags, bedding, and other accessories. The width and length of the storage area will depend on the size of the ottoman you order, but the depth will be approximately 10 inches in capacity.

Ottoman divan beds are far stronger than standard divan beds, as the sides and bottom are all solid. Within a standard divan base, you'll find a simple timber framework which is covered with fabric. Usually the bottom is just covered with hessian material too. Ottoman beds are not only far more practical, but they're more pleasing to the eye and much more durable too.

Storage Space

Stylish And Practical Chrome Glides

Chrome glides are both stylish and practical, as they'll stop your bed moving around as you sleep. They're sturdy and add a classy touch to the bedroom with their polished finish.

The glides initally come not fixed to the bed base iteself. This allows you to maneuver the parts of the bed through doorways and up your stairs more easily on the route to the bedroom.

They're simple to attach: just give them a sharp thud or a tap with a mallet to lock them into place.


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