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Duralite Expedition Pocket Island Double Mattress
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Duralite Expedition Pocket Island Double Mattress

Our Price £689.95 inc. VAT

Pocket Springs (1000)
Reflex Foam
23cm / 9" Depth
Medium to Firm Tension
 5 Year Warranty
Rolled Mattress
Non Turn Mattress
Overall Width (A):
Overall Length (B):
Length to Curve (C):
Straight Width Bottom (D):
Our Price £689.95 inc. VAT
Delivered to you in 3 Weeks
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The Expedition Pocket features 1000 pocket springs for the type of support given by a traditional mattress, whilst the internal structure is enhanced by Duralite encapsulation. A perfect mix of venerable and contemporary craftsmanship, ensuring the mattress is both comfortable and built to last.

In plain English, this means that you get 1000 metal springs, which are able to move independently from each other, allowing the mattress surface to 'follow your shape' as you lie on it. This is important for any mattress worth its salt. No one's back is perfectly flat, so your natural curves need to be accommodated by your mattress, if it's going to provide comfort and support.

You'll find that the Expedition is wonderful to sleep on regardless of whether you lay on your back or your side. The springs adjust their level of pressure instantaneously, constantly adapting to your position. By affording greater pressure to the heavier parts of the body (such as your hips and shoulders), this allows your body weight to be evenly distributed, preventing pressure points and the aches and pains associated with them.

Motion transfer is kept to a minimum too. If you share your mattress with a partner, the design of pocket springs prevent the sensation of you both rolling together, even if there is a notable difference in weight and build, between you.

Duralite encapsulation is where the Expedition shines even further. Many people don't realise but there is an inherent design flaw to most sprung mattresses, in terms of the 'rod edge wire' which gives the mattress it's shape. The likelihood is that you'll have noticed this wire if you've owned a sprung mattress before. Basically this wire bends out of shape over time, especially if you sit on the edge of the mattress to put on your socks and shoes! This becomes and even bigger problem for shaped caravan mattresses, as the shape means the sides are even more prone to collapse.

With the Expedition pocket, we've made the bold move of replacing the traditional edge wire with a sturdy Duralite 'wall', keeping the pocket springs safely nestled in place, whilst the mattress edges are reinforced.

Guess what? This means you can sit on the edge of the mattress to your hearts content, without the risk of damaging it. The tough but flexible Duralite edges means that the mattress can even be bent and it'll still spring back to its correct shape!

If you're concerned that the mattress might be a little heavy due to its generous 9 inch (23cm) depth, that's not an issue either. Duralite is tough but lightweight, meaning you can more the mattress with ease.

The mattress cover is breathable and absorbent, infused by Tencel fibres.

As with all of our Duralite Mattress Range, the Expedition is confidently supplied with a 5 Year Warranty period. Peace of body, peace of mind.

Mattress Core
Pocket Springs
Delivery Speed
3 Weeks
Mattress Tension
Medium to Firm
Fillings Specification
No Memory Foam
Core Specification
1000 Pocket Springs
Measured Depth Approx.
23cm / 9 Inches Deep
Duralite Foam

Pocket Springs

Encased within the Expedition mattress sits 1000 pocket springs, unlike traditional spring systems pocket springs are placed within their own individual fabric sleeves that allow the springs to support key pressure areas. Whether you lay on your side or on your back the 1000 pocket springs will provide the same level of support and even if you move while you sleep, the pocket spring react effortlessly to the movement of your body.

Duralite Foam

Duralite Foam

The Expedition mattress not only features 1000 pocket springs but also has the additional benefit of the innovative Duralite foam. Duralite foam is truly something special, this foam still brings the fantastic support and comfort that its counterparts offer but Duralite has the unique property of being up to 40% lighter than traditional spring systems; improving fuel economy while not skimping on the comfort.

Foam Encapsulation

Foam Encapsulation

Not only is the Duralite supporting you, it’s also reinforcing the mattress; keeping it in peak condition for longer. Foam Encapulation “boxes” in the mattress, reducing the occurrence of sagging and “roll-off”, so you can sit on the edge of the mattress without any risk of damaging the mattress.

Medium Firm Tension

Medium Firm Tension

The Expedition mattress has a tension rating of Medium/Firm.

Mattress Depth

Mattress Depth

This mattress measures at a depth of 23cm metric or 9 Inches in imperial measurements.

Tencel Fabric Cover

Tencel Fabric Cover

Containing this wonderous amalgamation foam and pocket springs is a Tencel fabric cover these fibres are naturally sourced; so not only making this mattress extremely comfortable it’s also environmentally friendly.

UK made mattress

Produced in the UK

This mattress is produced within the UK.

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Duralite Expedition Pocket Island Double Mattress

Duralite Expedition Pocket Island Double Mattress
Product isn't rated yet.
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