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Duralite Explorer Island King Size Mattress w/ Bolster
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Duralite Explorer Island King Size Mattress w/ Bolster

Our Price 709.95 inc. VAT

Reflex Foam
Memory Foam
20cm / 8" Depth
Medium Tension
 5 Year Warranty
Non Turn Mattress
Overall Width (A):
Overall Length (B):
Bolster to Curve (C):
Straight Width Bottom (D):
Bolster Length (E):
Our Price 709.95 inc. VAT
Delivered to you in 4 Weeks
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The Duralite Explorer has a dual layer construction, designed to provide a wonderful level of comfort and support.

Memory foam (or visco elastic) was originally developed by NASA for use in the space programme, offsetting the uncomfortable effects of g-force on the human body. It works by slowly adjusting its composure to make an imprint of whatever has been placed on it; returning to its normal shape once the pressure has been removed.

This makes it soft to the touch and very comfortable as a result, reducing pressure points and soothing your muscles as you lie on it. By helping to distribute yoor body weight more evenly, this prevents aches and pains, and promotes healthy blood circulation.The Explorer actually features double the depth of a standard memory foam mattress, giving it an opulent and premium feel.

Some people who are particularly hot sleepers, may find that memory foam becomes a little to warm as they sleep. For those who have this issue, we recommend a higher specification mattress, featuring either cool blue or gel-infused latex- both designed to disperse your natural body heat.

For those who love memory foam though, they'll find the Explorer extremely comfortable, with this layer working in harmony with the Duralite foam underneath. Duralite is robust and firm, supporting your shoulders and hips and ensuring you don't sink into the mattress too deeply.

It is also lightweight, which makes it practical and helps keep your overall towing weight down, great for fuel efficiency.

Mattress Core
Delivery Speed
4 Weeks
Mattress Tension
Fillings Specification
Memory Foam (Double Layer)
Core Specification
Duralite Foam Base
Measured Depth Approx.
20cm / 8 Inches Deep
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Duralite Explorer Island King Size Mattress w/ Bolster

Duralite Explorer Island King Size Mattress w/ Bolster
Product isn't rated yet.
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