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Cassie Cooper
16 Jun 2021, 3:57 PM

The summer heat shouldn’t be the reason why the quality of your sleep should sink to the bottom of the swimming pool. Here are some tips designed just for the season that can help you snooze more soundly.

Why is it hard to sleep in the heat?

There’s nothing more frustrating than slipping into a set of hot, sticky sheets and tossing and turning all night in a warm bedroom. And, it turns out, there’s a scientific reason your body sleeps poorly in a hot bedroom. It’s a smaller temperature gradient (or the difference between your core body temperature and the room temperature) that triggers a sleepless night. The optimal gradient is the difference between your core body temperature, 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, and about 68 degrees, the temperature sleep experts say provides an optimal sleep environment. As part of the body’s natural rhythm, our core temperature drops about half a degree at night, signalling bedtime. And it seems that a cooler bedroom helps to make this dip happen.

Someone told me to put my bedding in the fridge before use. Is this advisable?

I think changing round the material of your bedding rather than going to this measure is more advisable. Cotton is a great material for sheets, especially when it's warm outside. By opting for a percale weave or jersey sheet you can ensure great air circulation for the refreshing summer slumber. Bamboo and silk also offer temperature-regulating and breathable properties to keep you cool while you sleep. By changing up your bed linens to lighter materials and reducing the tog of your duvet you can gain the cooler sleep you need.

Is there a natural way to cool myself down at night?

There are ways of cooling yourself down naturally. You can opt for blackout curtains on all of your bedroom windows if you can (no more annoying sunlight at 5am, plus your room will stay cooler day and night) taking a cold shower before bed not only refreshes you after a hot day but it’ll help you relax too.

Is it advisable to use a fan, and what can I do to cool my bedroom down?

Chill out your bedroom and try keeping it at a steady temperature of around 18 degrees. Using a rotating fan to circulate the air in your bedroom also helps take the environment down a degree or two. You could also consider investing in cooling bedroom products, such as pillows, sheets and even mattresses specially made to cool you down. Keep a glass or water bottle filled with icy cool water next to your bed as drinking a little cold water before bed lowers your internal body temp. Go spread eagle. Did you know that your sleep position may be making you warmer? If you always sleep curled up in a ball then it could be time to try sleeping with your arms and legs spread out as this helps release your body heat instead of retaining it. Your nightwear may be trapping heat close to your body making it harder to sleep. Look for items in light, breathable fabrics to ensure you feel cool.

Is there a mattress that can cool me down?

If you are thinking of purchasing a new mattress we have some great options to get you that refreshing sleep experience in hotter conditions.

The Cool Sensations 1400 by Sleepeezee offers superb support from individually responsive pocket springs, which work in tandem with the generously deep layer of memory foam and integrated hydrophilic fibres, to keep you comfortable and cool as you sleep. It boasts a 1400 count spring system and the memory foam layer is able to adjust to our body and current sleeping position, with ease. Where conventional memory foam can become too warm during use this mattress is all you need for the most refreshing sleep experience.

What duvet tog should I be using in Summer?

Duvets come with their own scale of warmth called a 'tog' rating. This rating is about warmth, not thickness, so even if you find the fluffiest duvet ever, the tog is the part that makes the difference. The scale is simple, ranging from 1 to 4.5 tog for cooler options, to the extra-warming 15 tog duvets. The tog rating tells you how good your duvet is at trapping air (which is basically what insulation is) and therefore provide more warmth. Natural filled duvets are often able to do with less materials than synthetic fibre duvets, which can mean they’re on the lighter side. In Summer you want a lower tog rating as the higher temperatures mean you won’t need as much insulation. Choose anything less than 7 tog to keep cool and get a good night’s sleep.

Is there a multi-season mattress you sell?

With its’ edge-to-edge support, cool gel memory foam support and 1000 pocket springs this mattress is majestic by name and nature and continually is one of our bestselling mattresses. It really will offer great support any time of the year.

Would a mattress topper help in Summer?

With the simple addition of a cooling mattress topper or cover, your mattress can become a whole lot more comfortable in the summer. These covers can provide a layer of space between your skin and mattress, allowing air to flow and prevent sweat, damp sheets and the dreaded sticky-sheet effect. At Linthorpe we have many options for you come in and see for yourself.

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