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Hypnos Mattresses

Hypnos Mattresses

Hypnos Mattresses
Hypnos Divan Beds
Hypnos Mattresses

Hypnos Mattress Review:

ReActive™ Springs

This type of pocket spring comes in a few different specifications, depending on how many 'active turns' it has. Where cheaper pocket spring systems may only feature 2 or 3 rotations, these springs have 2 to 3 times as many, depending on the mattress.

UltraSens™ Springs

These springs are convex in shape, meaning they are wider in the middle. This gives each spring exceptional strength, but also a bit more 'bounce'. Pressure is expelled vertically, giving superior support, compared to standard pocket springs which are able to bend slightly in a particular direction.

Natural Fillings

Natural fillings are not only more luxurious than synthetic materials but they hold inherent properties which are extremely difficult to replicate. Lambswool for example, is tough and durable, despite being soft. It has the uncanny ability to insulate and keep you nice and warm during winter, but its absorbent nature also works to keep you cool during summer. Other natural fillings used include silk, cashmere & cotton.

eOlus™ Fibres

The natural filling comfort layers are supplemented by eOlus fibres which are made from recycled polymer based bottles. This helps to conserve the planets natural resources and reduces the reliance on landfill sites. The vertically crimped design keeps the eOlus layers breathable but also soft like foam.

Hypnos Mattresses Include:

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