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Island Caravan Mattresses

Island Caravan Mattress

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There are various reasons why you may need to replace your Island Caravan Mattress. If you've had it for a few years (to put things lightly), it may have simply reached the end of its useful lifespan. You may notice that it's began to sag and maybe it doesn't offer the support that it used to. In other circumstances if you've purchased a pre-owned caravan, you may want to replace the island mattress if its been used by another person previously, either due to signs of wear and tear, or if the mattress if too firm or too soft for your own tastes.

There are also instances where you might find that the island caravan mattress (fitted as standard by the manufacturer) within your new caravan, just isn't of the quality that you had hoped for. Sometimes these items are included as a bit of an afterthought and they aren't of the quality that you'd expect from your mattress at home. See our caravan mattress guide for more information. 

Duralite Technology

All of our Island Shape Caravan Mattresses feature Duralite Technology. This special type of foam is lightweight (and yet robust and supportive), meaning the mattresses are up to 40% lighter than the equivalent traditional sprung mattress. This helps you to keep your overall towage weight down, which is great for fuel economy.

Duralite is also put to great use within our Premium Pocket Sprung Island Mattresses. By encapsulating the metal pocket springs within a Duralight border, this allows the mattresses to have far greater flexibility, meaning they can be bent without the fear that this will damage them, unlike with traditional pocket sprung mattresses. The reinforced edges also means that the mattresses can keep their shape for far longer. There is no metal 'rod edge' wire, so there is nothing to be bent out of shape over time.

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