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Island Motorhome Mattress

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Island Shape Mattresses are commonly used in modern motor homes, as their shape allows you to move freely around the bedroom without accidentally catching your legs on the corner of the bed. As you're probably aware though, this can make things difficult when you need to replace your mattress, as this shape is not available from traditional bed shops.

You may need to replace your island motor home mattress for one of a few different reasons. If you've purchased a pre-owned motor home it might be a good idea to replace the mattress, if there are some obvious signs of wear and tear. On the flip-side, if you're actually thinking of selling your motor home, it might be a good idea to replace the island mattress first, as it might become the deciding factor for potential buyers.

On the other hand, you may simply need a new mattress to replace your current one if it's become worn out over time. See our motorhome and caravan mattress guide for some additional advice.

Duralite Foam Technology

Every one of our Island Motorhome Mattresses contains the benefits of Duralite Technology, meaning that not only are they tough, durable and supportive, but they are also lightweight which is great for fuel economy (up to 40% lighter than a traditional sprung mattress).

Within our Pocket Sprung Range, we use Duralite to even greater effect. The individually pocketed metal springs have their entire unit encapsulated within a Duralite foam border. In lieu of a metal 'rod edge wire', this foam wall makes the mattress lighter, flexible, and able to keep its shape for far longer. .

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