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Duralite Adventurer Offside King Size Caravan Mattress
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Duralite Adventurer Offside King Size Caravan Mattress

Our Price £629.95 inc. VAT

Reflex Foam
Cool Blue Foam
20cm / 8" Depth
Medium to Firm Tension
 5 Year Warranty
Rolled Mattress
Non Turn Mattress
Top Width (A):
Left Hand Length (B):
Right Hand Length (C):
Bottom Width (D):
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Our Price £629.95 inc. VAT
Delivered to you in 3 Weeks
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The Adventurer Mattress features cool blue; a revolutionary material which offers incredible comfort. After a long day of adventure, your body needs to rest and recharge and The Adventurer Mattress is specially designed to refresh and invigorate your body for what lies ahead.

Cool blue is wonderfully soft to the touch, affording the mattress a comfortable panel which is your first point of contact within the mattress core. This panel relieves pressure by absorbing some of your body's natural curves. This means that your body weight is diverted away from traditional pressure points such as your muscles and hips, instead being evenly distributed across the full length of your frame.

The spongy nature of the cool blue foam ensures that the mattress surface and your body experience maximum contact at all times; the very definition of support. This removes strain from the load bearing parts of the body, especially the lower part of your back, where your spine connects to the pelvis.

If you think these benefits sound a lot like those provided by memory foam, you're exactly right. Cool blue works just like memory foam, but unlike traditional visco elastic, it doesn't retain body heat while you're using the mattress.

This makes the Adventurer especially great for caravans, where it can become a bit hot and stuffy on those warmer nights. Many people love the feeling and benefits that come with a memory foam mattress, but for years caravan owners have had to compromise on comfort, because of the way it makes them feel even warmer on those nights. Cool blue is the perfect cure to this situation and it even disperses your natural heat, allowing your body to self regulate its temperature, so you can slumber without interruption.

The wonders of the Adventurer Mattress doesn't end there. Beneath the soothing cool blue layer, Duralite provides the perfect foundation. As the name implies, its both durable and yet physically light, making it highly practical. Whilst the cool blue takes care of comfort, the firm Duralite core is highly supportive and prevents the sensation of sinking too deeply into the mattress. Your hips and shoulders in particular benefit from the robust support that the Duralite foam provides.

You'll be surprised at how easy it is to move the Adventurer Mattress, especially if you've had a sprung mattress of comparable depth in the caravan previously.

As with all of our Duralite Mattress Range, the Adventurer is confidently supplied with a 5 Year Warranty period. Peace of body, peace of mind.

Mattress Core
Delivery Speed
3 Weeks
Mattress Tension
Medium to Firm
Fillings Specification
Cool Blue
Core Specification
Duralite Foam Base
Measured Depth Approx.
20cm / 8 Inches Deep
Duralite Foam

Duralite Foam

At the base of the Adventurer mattress is the innovative Duralite foam, as stated in the name Duralite is a durable foam and light! Duralite foam is highly versatile as it supports your body meanwhile, counteracting the sensation of sinking when laying on the mattress.

2.5cm Cool Blue Foam

Cool Blue Foam

Similar to its counterpart Memory Foam, Cool Blue foam moulds itself to your body shape. Following your unique curves, supporting the key areas of your body that take on much of the pressure day to day activities. Cool Blue Foam also has the amazing property of heat dispersal and fast, responsive foam that almost instantaneously springs back into its original form.

Medium Firm Tension

Medium Firm Tension

Sitting in between medium and firm tension the Adventurer provides amazing comfort, as the blend of cool blue memory foam and Duralite work alongside one another for luxurious comfort.

Mattress Depth

Mattress Depth

The Adventurer mattress has a depth of 20cm / 8 inches.

Single Sided Mattress


No need to flip! The Adventurer mattress doesn’t require any flipping of the mattress. We still recommend that it is rotated to prolong its lifespan.

Stretch Fabric Cover

Knitted Cover

Including a stretch fabric cover allowing the optimal level of movement allowing the cool blue and Duralite to work to its full potential.

UK made mattress

Produced in the UK

This mattress Is produced and crafted right here in the United Kingdom.

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Duralite Adventurer Offside King Size Caravan Mattress

Duralite Adventurer Offside King Size Caravan Mattress
Product isn't rated yet.
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