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Duralite Safari Hybrid Offside King Size Caravan Mattress


Pocket Springs (1200)
Talalay Latex
28cm / 11" Depth
Medium Tension
6 Year Warranty
Non Turn Mattress
Top Width (A):
Left Hand Length (B):
Right Hand Length (C):
Bottom Width (D):
Recycle Old Bed / Mattress:
Price £999.95 inc. VAT
3 Weeks

The Duralite Safari Hybrid Mattress is the crowning jewel in the Duralite range, offering unrivalled support and sumptuous comfort, afforded by the very best advancements in sleep technology!

The breathable Airtex cover allows the opulent talalay latex to work its magic, effortlessly caressing your back with the right balance of soft feel and reliable bounce. It works to support your individual vertebrae, soothing your spine, whilst supporting its natural curvature. Your muscles are in for a treat too, as the latex has the perfect amount of give to maintain optimal blood circulation.

This ensures you can start every day feeling refreshed and invigorated, as the oxygenated blood has more freely reached your muscles and organs, vital for the restoration of energy, especially after a long day.

The latex works in perfect harmony with the reliable and supportive metal spring system at the Safari Hybrids core. 1200 individually pocketed springs are able to adjust to your sleeping position on the fly, keeping your spine correctly aligned and your lower lumbar supported. Your hips and shoulders are braced by the unifed surface of the springs, which ensure that maximum contact between the mattress and your body is maintained at all times.

These pocket springs have been carefully nestled within a Duralite framework, effectively reinforcing the mattress edges to heighten its durability and practicality. Where traditional sprung mattresses lose their shape over time (due to the edge wire becoming bent), our hybrid mattresses don't have this issue. You can sit on the dge of the mattress (or even bend it) and the Safari will spring back to its correct shape regardless.

Duralite has been specially developed to be tough but also flexible and lightweight.

By the Safari Hybrid Mattress today and soon you'll be able to experience the best sleep you've ever had, in your home away from home!

As with all of our Duralite Mattress Range, the Safari Hybrid is confidently supplied with a 6 Year Warranty period. Peace of body, peace of mind.

Mattress Core Pocket Springs
Delivery Speed 3 Weeks
Measured Depth Approx. 28cm / 11 Inches Deep
Mattress Tension Medium
Fillings Specification Talalay Latex
Core Specification 1200 Pocket Springs
Pocket Springs

1200 Pocket Springs

Deep within the centre of the mattress lies 1200 pocket springs, every spring is placed within their very own fabric pocket giving them the ability to move separately allowing for a bespoke sleep experience.

Duralite Foam Encapsulation

Duralite Foam Encapsulation

Surrounding the 1200 pocket springs is a Duralite frame border that replaces the tradtional rod edge wire. Now donít just assume that since that the border is now foam that it may be inferior, actually itís quite the opposite! Utilizing Duralite dramatically improves the longevity of the mattress keeping its shape, but thatís not all. We can assure you that no matter where you sleep or sit on the mattress you will feel the same level of comfort.

Duralite Foam

Duralite Foam

The name says it all really. Duralite is durable and light! Now just because the foam is lightweight doesnít mean that itís prohibited from offering the same level of comfort and support that similar foams do, Duralite provides a solid foundation that supports your body while preventing a sinking sensation while you lay upon the mattress.

5cm Soft Reflex Foam

Soft Reflex Foam

Resting atop the pocket springs and Duralite is a superbly satisfying layer of soft reflex foam, now this layer soft reflex foam assists your body in gently nestling into the mattress for a comfortable and rejuvenating nightís sleep.

Talalay Latex

Talalay Latex

Topping off this wondrous mattress is a layer of talalay latex, this amazing piece of sleep technology alleviates aches and pains from you back, hips, shoulders and other key pressure areas on your body. These take the brunt of pressure from day to day activities so optimally supporting these areas while you sleep is essential to supporting your body.

Medium Tension

Medium Tension

The Safari mattress has a tension rating of medium.

Mattress Depth

Mattress Depth

The Safari mattress measures in at 11 inches imperial or 28cm metric.


6 Year Warranty

This mattress includes a whopping 6-year warranty.

UK made mattress

Produced in the UK

Yes, this mattress is made in the UK!


Have your new mattress shipped to your home address, or direct to the caravan at the leisure park:

Make your selection at the checkout and choose an exact delivery date on the calendar. You'll be given a text message the day before delivery, giving you a 3 hour timeslot. Saturday Delivery is charged at £25.

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Duralite Safari Hybrid Offside King Size Caravan Mattress

Duralite Safari Hybrid Offside King Size Caravan Mattress
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