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7 Feb 2024, 2:38 PM

Mattress Size Guide

The Deepsleep Premier Rest mattress

Welcome to our comprehensive mattress size guide, where we strive to help you find the perfect fit for your sleep sanctuary. Choosing the right mattress size is essential for a comfortable and restful night's sleep, and our aim is to simplify this process for you. Whether you're furnishing a cozy studio apartment or upgrading to a spacious master bedroom, we've got you covered with detailed insights into the various dimensions and characteristics of each mattress size available. From the Small Double to the luxurious Super King, we'll walk you through the dimensions, benefits, and ideal uses of each size, ensuring that you make an informed decision tailored to your unique needs and preferences. So dive in, explore, and discover the key to a better night's sleep!

UK Mattress Sizes

Dimensions Small Single Single Small Double Double King Super King
W x L (in cm) 75 x 190 90 x 190 120 x 190 135 x 190 150 x 200 180 x 200
W x L (in feet) 2'6" x 6'3" 3'0" x 6'3" 4'0" x 6'3" 4'6" x 6'3" 5'0" x 6'6" 6'0" x 6'6"
Dimensions W x L (in cm) W x L (in feet)
Small Single 75 x 190 2'6" x 6'3"
Single 90 x 190 3'0" x 6'3"
Small Double 120 x 190 4'0" x 6'3"
Double 135 x 190 4'6" x 6'3"
King 150 x 200 5'0" x 6'6"
Super King 180 x 200 6'0" x 6'6"

What size is a Small Single mattress?

The dimensions of a small single bed and mattress are 75cm wide and 190cm long (2ft 6ins wide and 6ft 3ins long). Specifically crafted to fit narrower kids' bed frames and guest beds, small singles offer a space-saving solution for spare rooms.

Best for: Children under 4 years old and guest beds.

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What size is a Single mattress?

A single mattress measures approximately 90cm wide and 190cm long, that's 3'0" x 6'3". These mattresses are well-suited for individuals who sleep alone and are particularly suitable for children ranging from 4 years old to their teenage years.

Best for: Solo sleepers aged 4+

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What size is a Small Double mattress?

A small double mattress is 120cm wide and 190cm long (4ft 6ins by 6ft 3ins). Also known as a queen size or two-thirds size mattress these are popular in student lets and give the illusion of a full sized double without being a double.

Best for: Solo sleepers and couples with limited space.

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What size is a Double mattress?

Double size mattresses are the UK's most popular bed size and measure approximately 190cm wide by 135cm long (4'6" x 6'3"). Doubles are ideal for two people and fit in most bedrooms.

Best for: Two people with a small to average sized bedroom.

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What size is a King mattress?

In metric measurements, a standard king size mattress measures 150cm wide by 200cm long (5ft x 6ft 6ins). King size mattresses are longer than double beds and are ideal if you are taller or prefer extra room whilst you sleep.

Best for: Taller sleepers and couples who prefer a little extra space.

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What size is a Superking mattress?

A Superking mattress measures 200cm x 180cm (6'0" x 6'6"). Superking mattresses are among the most luxurious mattresses we sell and are perfect if you prefer your space whilst sleeping, or if you have little guests early in the morning.

Best for: Couples who prefer their space with room for little ones and/or pets.

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