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2-3 Weeks Delivery (1)2-3 Weeks Delivery
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We'll do our best to help you find the perfect mattress. Did you know that based on having an 8 hour sleep every night, you actually spend a third of your life in bed? There are all kinds of mattresses available, based on size, support system and type of fillings. All our mattresses come with Free Delivery.

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Breasley Uno Pocket 1000 Mattress
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Breasley Uno Pocket 1000 Mattress

Our Price £189.95 inc. VAT
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1000 Pocket Springs Reflex Foam 10 Year Guarantee on Mattress Core Mattress Tension 20cm / 8 Inches Deep
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Mattress Buying Guide

There are so many different types of mattress available, that it can seem at little overwhelming at first. We'll explain the main types of mattresses you can buy and how these relate to the type of sleeper you are. This way you can make an informed choice without being bamboozled by all the technical jargon.

The 2 main elements to most mattresses are the core, which provides support, and the fillings, which provide comfort . First we'll look at the mattress cores.

Mattress Core:

Sprung Mattresses

If you've always owned sprung mattresses, we say to stick to what you know. In the past, the majority of sprung mattresses contained an open coil (or Bonnell) spring unit, with the superior pocket springs being found in more expensive and luxurious mattresses.

However as manufacturing costs have come down over time, pocket sprung mattresses are becoming standard and open coil are being phased out. There is literally no downside; pocket sprung mattresses feature all kinds of benefits over their open coil spring counterparts, and price is no longer an issue.

View Pocket Sprung Mattresses View Open Coil Mattresses

Although most sprung mattresses can be classified as either open coil or pocket sprung, there are also other spring types and slight variations which exist. This has enabled well known mattress manufacturers such as Silentnight and Sealy, to continue differenciating some of their range from other brands, even if they too tend to use pocket springs in most of their mattresses anyway. More commonly known as continuous sprung mattresses, they can be viewed here:

Miracoil & Posturepedic Mattresses

Foam Mattresses

Reflex Foam or High Density Foam sits at the heart of these mattresses, meaning there are no metal springs present at all. Over time, budget foam mattresses are replacing budget sprung mattresses, as they tend to be much more durable and therefore better value for money. That's not to say that all foam mattresses cater to the lower end of the market - far from it! Think about the 'memory foam mattress' brands that have become household names. All of their products tend to feature this type of high density foam at their core, and then a certain amount of memory foam on top, forming the fillings layer.

Foam mattresses start at the lower end of the spectrum, containing just reflex foam and no separate fillings layer. As they go up in specification, they also include additional fillings such as memory foam, cool blue foam, and latex.

Foam Mattresses

Mattress Fillings:

Memory Foam

Also known as visco elastic foam, memory foam is a popular mattress filling because it is compatible with both sprung core and foam core mattresses. This means that you can enjoy the supportive and comforting effects of memory foam, whether there are open coil springs, pocket springs, or even a reflex foam core. Generally speaking, when people talk about 'memory foam mattresses' they mean a mattress which has a reflex foam core and a memory foam fillings layer on top. However, there are a huge amount of sprung mattresses which contain memory foam too:

Memory Foam Mattresses Springs & Memory Foam

Natural Fillings

Cotton, wool, silk, cashmere...These natural fillings are not just there to add a traditional sense of luxury, but they also contain inherent properties that cannot be easily replicated with synthetics. For example, wool is naturally absorbent and soft to the touch, despite being tough and durable. It can help you stay cool during summer, but also nice a warm when the ambient temperature is cold.

Mattresses with Natural Fillings

Polyester Fillings

This man made type of mattress filling is found in all mattresses unless otherwise stated, and is very much the 'generic mattress filling'. Often made from recycled plastic, or as a byproduct from manufacturing processes, it is soft and can come in range of different qualities. Generally speaking, the bigger mattress manufacturers such as Sleepeezee and Silentnight, tend to brand their polyester fillings with terms such as EcoComfort Fibre or iFibre, to reinforce the point that their fillings are either eco-friendly or of a higher quality than you might find in unbranded mattresses.

Other Mattress Fillings

There are other types of fillings out there too, which have their own benefits associated with them. Either use the 'filters' feature at the top of the page, or jump to these sections:

Latex Mattresses Geltex Mattresses

If you've gone through the advice above, but still don't feel that you have a preference for mattresses based on their support core or type of fillings, you could always consider the information in the following sections instead:

Mattress Tensions

Every mattress on our website is categorised by how firm or soft the mattress is, either based on our own opinion, or as advised by the manufacturer. Please bear in mind that this information is subjective and only to be used as a rough guide. You can fine tune your results with the filters at the top of the page, but our general advice is that unless you prefer or need a mattress which is particularly firm or particularly soft, both 'Medium' and 'Medium to Firm' mattress tensions are suitable for the widest variety of people.

Delivery Speed

If you've only got a limited amount of time, consider the using the filters to narrow down the mattresses based on their availability. If you need something quickly, have a browse through our Next Day Delivery Mattresses, with the option to specify an alternative date if you wish. We also offer Saturday deliveries on many products as well.

Next Day Delivery Mattresses

You'll be able to view the full range of delivery options and book in a specific date once you add a product to your basket. Most mattresses include 2 Man Delivery, to your room of choice.

Mattress Brands

We stock mattresses from brands such as Sleepeezee, Hypnos, Sealy and Silentnight, as well as lesser known brands such Kayflex. We also have our own Linthorpe Beds branded mattresses too.

Linthorpe Beds Mattresses Breasley Mattresses Gainsborough Mattresses Hypnos Mattresses Kayflex Mattresses Postureflex Mattresses Rest Assured Mattresses Sealy Mattresses Silentnight Mattresses Sleepeezee Mattresses

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If you're still no closer to finding your ideal mattress, or if you would just like some additional advice from a real human being, please don't hesitate to call us on 01642 613684 and one of our friendly sales staff will be able to assist.

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