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Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory Foam Mattresses contain a visco-elastic layer which slowly responds to the shape of your body and eases your muscles with it's supportive yet comfortably soft nature. It is able to respond to any body type and sleeping position, ensuring that you are cradled in comfort regardless. It's no surprise that memory foam is one of the most popular types of mattresses on the market, it offers an abundance of benefits. All of our memory foam mattresses include Free Delivery within the UK mainland.

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Sleepsoul Comfort 800 Mattress
SleepSoul Logo

Sleepsoul Comfort 800 Mattress

Our Price £179.95 inc. VAT
Price £270.00 inc. VAT
You Save £90.05 (33%)
800 Pocket Springs Fillings Specification : Soft Foam 10 Year Guarantee Mattress Tension 24cm / 9½ Inches Deep
Silentnight Memory 3 Zone Mattress

Silentnight Memory 3 Zone Mattress

Our Price £199.95 inc. VAT
Price £280.00 inc. VAT
You Save £80.05 (29%)
Foam Interior Memory Foam 5 Year Guarantee Medium to Soft Tension 18cm / 7 Inches Deep
Silentnight Memory 7 Zone Mattress

Silentnight Memory 7 Zone Mattress

Our Price £229.95 inc. VAT
Price £325.00 inc. VAT
You Save £95.05 (29%)
Foam Interior Memory Foam 5 Year Guarantee Medium to Soft Tension 18cm / 7 Inches Deep
Memory Foam

What is Memory Foam?

How does Memory Foam work?

Originally developed by NASA, visco elastic memory foam, responds to the shape of anything placed on it, slowly regaining its original composure once pressure has been removed from it. This makes in incredibly supportive as it is able to follow your contours, thus maximising the contact between your body and mattress surface. This helps areas such as the shoulders and lower lumbar in particular, allowing heavier parts of your frame to sink into the mattress, whilst preventing pressure points from becoming an issue.

Our memory foam mattresses are available in a range of sizes and tensions, meaning there is the perfect sleeping solution for everyone.

What Determines the Quality of a Memory Foam Mattress?

Memory Foam mattresses vary in quality, in the same way that all types of mattresses do. With this being the case, you should always opt for a mattress which you can comfortably afford, remembering the old saying that "if you buy cheap, you buy twice."

Memory Foam Mattresses are usually made from two different materials: Visco Elastic Memory Foam & High Density Reflex Foam. Reflex Foam is very firm and is used for support. If a mattress was made from memory foam only, it would be far too soft and you'd sink to the bottom. What determines how hard or soft the mattress is, is the split between the two materials and their relative depths. Cheaper memory foam mattresses tend to feature only a shallow layer of memory foam (1 inch/2.5cm), which the rest of the depth being made up with reflex foam. Better quality products feature 2 inches (5cm) or more, with the overall mattress depth starting at around 8 inches (20cm) and going up from there.

If you've never owned a memory foam mattress before consider going for a product from a well know manufacturer, such as Breasley. Their mattresses all feature a 10 Year Guarantee on the mattress core.

Click here to View All Breasley Matttresses

Cool Blue Foam Mattresses

Whilst most people enjoy the warm and snug sensation that memory foam provides, if you're a particularly warm sleeper by nature, you might find greater comfort with a Cool Blue Memory Foam Mattress. This special type of memory foam is designed to disperse body heat, thus keeping you cooler while you sleep. Please use the appropriate filter to narrow your results down to just Cool Blue Memory Foam Mattresses.

Free Delivery

Most of our memory foam mattresses come rolled and vacuum packed for quick and easy dispatch on our Free Next Day Delivery service. Some of the premium memory foam mattresses such as the Octaspring Range, also include Free 2 Man Delivery which includes Room-of-Choice too. Please see individual product listings for more details.

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