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Small Double Memory Foam Mattress

Small Double Memory Foam Mattress - Need something between a Single and Double? A Small Double Memory Foam Mattress is the solution for you

A Small Double Memory Foam Mattress is the ideal solution for those who need a bit more space than what a single mattress would give them, but who may not have enough room for a full double. Small Double mattresses come to 4'0" x 6'3" in imperial measurements, which works out at 120cm x 190cm in metric.


Small Double Memory Foam Mattress

Small Double Memory Foam Mattresses:

The Material

NASA initially developed Visco Elastic Foam (now known as Memory Foam) for use in their Space Program, to help reduce the negative effects of g-force on the human body. When the technology was adopted within mattresses, it proved to be a highly successful innovation. Memory foam gently moulds to the shape of whatever is placed upon it and regains its shape once the pressure is removed. This makes its incredibly supportive and comfortable; soothing the muscles and reducing pressure points in the process. This in turn promotes healthy blood circulation and reduces movement during sleep; benefits which leave you feeling much more refreshed and energised in the morning.


Any products flagged as being available for Next Day Delivery, come vacuum pack rolled. This is extremely useful if you need the mattress to be sent to your work adress instead of to your home. Simply pop it in the car and take it home with you.

The mattresses with a longer lead time aren't available in this manner. With this being the case, they all include Free '2 Man Delivery' meaning that the specialist delivery team will carry it directly up to the bedroom for you. For that extra level of convenience, you receive an ETA the day before delivery and the driver will also give you a call when they are on the way.

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