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Mattresses with Natural Fillings

Natural Filling Mattresses ensure an opulent level of comfort as you sleep. Mattresses that have natural fillings, don't just provide an incredible level of sumptuous luxury, but the materials themselves possess benefits that just cannot be replicated through synthetic means.

This selection of mattresses contain fillings such as British Wool, Cotton, Cashmere and Silk.

Natural Fillings

Why choose a mattress with Natural Fillings?

For the discerning customer, natural materials provide an unparalleled level of luxury, whether were talking about clothes, house features, or furniture. Within mattresses, their usage is two-fold. The luxurious sensation afforded by the mattress as you lie on it and the unique benefits that each material naturally possesses. These qualities are often difficult to replicate via synthetic means, occasionally bordering on the impossible. Mattresses with natural fillings are not only luxurious but are often more practical and of a higher quality finish too.

Types of Natural Materials in Mattresses

These materials are used for their inherent qualities:

  • Wool is soft and sumptuous despite being tough and resilient. During winter it'll keep you nice and warm, while it has the uncanny ability to disperse body heat and keep you cool in summer
  • Cotton keeps you cool by being incredibly absorbent. It soaks up the tiny molecules of moisture from your perspiration, and releases them back into the atmosphere.
  • Cashmere is similar to wool in many ways, but it is much softer and more luxurious due to the fibres being much finer.
  • Silk has been well renowned around the world for thousands of years as one of the most luxurious natural materials available. The comfort provided by silk is unmatched.

There are also other natural fillings such as Latex, which you can find in its own section

View Latex Mattresses

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