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Memory Plus Nearside King Size Caravan Mattress
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Memory Plus Nearside King Size Caravan Mattress

Our Price 349.95 inc. VAT

Reflex Foam
Memory Foam
Choice of Depth
Medium Tension
12 Month Guarantee
Rolled Mattress
Non Turn Mattress
Top Width (A):
Left Hand Length (B):
Right Hand Length (C):
Bottom Width (D):
Mattress Depth:
Mattress Tension:
Mattress Cover:
Our Price 349.95 inc. VAT
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The Memory Plus Mattress is an upgraded version of the Memory Mattress, offering twice the amount of Visco Elastic Memory Foam; a wonderful material which was originally developed by NASA for use in the space programme. The benefits are further expanded, enabling the sensation of a premium memory foam mattress, without the hefty price tag.

The Memory Plus is extremely comfortable, as the top layer soothes your back and muscles, allowing you to recharge after a long day. The pressure relieving properties of the visco elastic, help to distribute your weight evenly across the mattress, promoting a healthy blood circulation and benefits to your posture in the process.

As with the base model, the Memory Plus features a dual layer construction, meaning that the robust orthopedic foam supports your back, hips and shoulders as you sleep.

You can upgrade to a firmer mattress, or even change the mattress cover to quilted for a small fee.

Mattress Core
Delivery Speed
10 Working Days
Mattress Tension
Fillings Specification
Memory Foam (Double Depth)
Core Specification
Orthopedic Foam Base
Measured Depth Approx.
15cm / 17.5cm / 20cm
Premium Memory Foam

Memory Foam

Sitting proudly atop the mattress is a stupendously lush layer of memory foam that follows the contours of your body, when you lay upon the mattress. When you alight the mattress the foam almost instantly regains its shape as if you were never on it!

Orthopaedic Foam

Orthopaedic Foam

The foundation of the Memory mattress utilises hearty orthopaedic foam, supporting your body providing exceptional comfort and support while you sleep.

Rolled Up Mattress

Arrives Rolled Up

Roll up! Roll up! This mattress comes vacuumed packed and rolled, making it easy to move and to install.

Upgradable Cover

Upgradable Mattress Cover

This mattress has an optional mattress cover upgrade, from the knitted cover to a quilted cover for that extra touch of luxury.

Optional Tension

Talalay Latex

Topping off this wondrous mattress is a layer of talalay latex, this amazing piece of sleep technology alleviates aches and pains from you back, hips, shoulders and other key pressure areas on your body. These take the brunt of pressure from day to day activities so optimally supporting these areas while you sleep is essential to supporting your body.

Medium Tension

Medium Tension

This mattress as standard has a tension rating of Medium but for a small charge, can be upgraded to a firm tension.

Choice Of Mattress Depth

Choice Of Mattress Depth

Choose between three different mattress depths that are available for this mattress (charges will apply).

Pressure Relief

Pressure Relief

With the twinned benefits of memory foam and orthopaedic, this mattress will gently cradle your body into a blissful sleep as it targets high pressure areas on your body that take the brunt of day to day activities.

UK made mattress

Produced in the UK

Yes, this mattress is made in the UK!

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Memory Plus Nearside King Size Caravan Mattress

Memory Plus Nearside King Size Caravan Mattress
Product isn't rated yet.
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