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Nearside Caravan Mattresses

Nearside Caravan Mattress

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Nearside Caravan Mattresses, as the name suggests, are located on the passenger's side of tourning caravans. Sometimes this 'cut off corner' style of mattress is referred to as a French Bed Mattress by the vehicle manufacturer.

There might be numerous reasons why you need to replace your current nearside caravan mattress. If you've had it a while, it might be a little worn out and no longer providing the level of support that it once did. For this reason, it might be a good idea to replace the mattress if you're planning on selling your caravan. Potential buyers might be put off from buying the vehicle altogether if they'd otherwise need to replace the mattress themselves. 


This style of Cut Off Corner Mattress is not standard between the various makes and models of touring caravan. With this being the case, we will require certain measurements from you in order to make your new nearside caravan mattress. As indicated towards the top of the page, we will need 4 different measurements - the 'diagonal' length is not required. Also make note of the maximum depth suitable for your vehicle, as we have various specifications available in this regard.

All of our nearside carvan mattresses are available with Free Delivery, either to your home address or direct to the leisure park. Lead time depends on the exact specifications, with just 2-3 days needed for many models and upto a fortnight from placing the order to delivery, for the rest. We are proud of our efficient service which results in these short lead times.

Please note that some caravans require the 'cut off corner' to be located towards the 'head end' of the bed. If this applies to your vehicle, opt for an Offside Caravan Mattress on our website instead. Furthermore, if the shape you need is not covered by our website, simply call us on 01642 613684 for a quote, or see our caravan mattress guide for more information. 

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