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Call our sleep experts on 01642 613684
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Nearside Motorhome Mattress

Prices from £259.95
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As the name suggests, nearside motorhome mattresses are located on the passengers side of the vehicle, typically having the bottom left diagonal 'cut off', which enables greater access within the limited space. As you can see indicated on the diagram above, we will need 4 measurements taking from your original mattress in order to produce the new one. Don't worry if you don't have these yet. You can simply skip this step for now and browse through the specifications and prices at your leisure.

There are numerous reasons why you may need to replace your current nearside motorhome mattress. If you've had it for many years and it's worn and sagging, it definitely won't be doing your back any favours. If you've recently purchased a second-hand motorhome, it might be the perfect time too. If you wouldn't consider buying a pre-owned bed, why would you be OK with a pre-owned mattress?


In some instances fixed berth nearside motorhome beds actually have the 'cut off corner' towards the top end of the mattress as opposed to the bottom. If this applies to your vehicle, you should opt for an offside motorhome mattress on our website instead. Some mattresses actually have a more complex shape to them. If you can't see the shape that you need towards the top of this page, give us a call on 01642 613684 and we'll be able to come up with a quote for you, or see our motorhome and caravan mattress guide for more information. 

You'll be surprised at how quick and efficient our service is, with our foam nearside mattresses being delivered within a week of you placing your order, and our pocket spring mattresses taking up to just a fortnight in total.

Our Duralite Pocket Sprung Range represent the ultimate in luxury, support and durability. The perfect solution in your home away from home!

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