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Sealy Posturepedic Pocket

Sealy Posturepedic - Pocketed Springs for Targeted Support

The Posturepedic Pocket Range is Sealy's unique response to the growing demand for pocket sprung mattresses. Their exclusive Posturepedic Technology was developed as a joint venture between their own R&D department and some of the world's leading orthopedic experts. The heaviest parts of your body are targeted by this intelligent spring system, to keep you level as you sleep. As with all Sealy mattresses, the Posturepedic range is covered by a 5 year warranty.

Sealy Posturepedic Pocket

Intelligent Pocket Springs

Each spring has been crafted as a separate entity, meaning that they can each move on an individual basis; compressing in accordance with the exact weight placed upon them. They're all carefully nested in rows, housed within their own fabric sleeve or pocket. As we all come in different shapes and sizes, this ensures that the Posturepedic Pocket system is always able to provide firmer support to the heaviest areas of the body such as the shoulders and hips. By keeping your body level as you sleep, this means your body weight is evenly distributed and your spine is kept in correct alignment.

Promotes a Healthy Posture

Whenever we feel discomfort, we tend to compensate. For example, if we've hurt one of our feet, we'll automatically try to put less pressure on it as we walk. The downside of course is that the other foot is relied on to take more of the strain. If this is done for an extended period of time, the knock on effects go much further, possibly causing aches in your legs and back as well. Similar things happen as we sleep. If your mattress doesn't support you correctly, you'll develop a bad posture during the day as you compensate for the strain which has been placed on certain areas of your back. Posturepedic pocket springs ensure that your body is always supported in accordance with your needs, helping to improve your posture each night.

Buying Guide

A higher number of Posturepedic pocket springs does indeed mean a higher specification mattress, as they allow an improved level of accuracy when targeting support. However there are other factors you should also consider, along with the overall price. The mattress tension is a good place to start. Some people prefer a firmer of softer mattress, with most other people being happy with both the 'medium' and 'medium to firm' options. After that you should consider how you feel about memory foam, compared to latex and the more traditional feel of 'smart fibres'.

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