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If you are looking for a new dormeo mattress for your bed at home, you have come to the right place. A deluxe range of Dormeo Octaspring mattresses can be found and purchased online from Linthorpe Beds.

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8x more breathable than traditional memory foam, Octaspring mattresses from Dormeo are a popular choice among customer's shopping for a new mattress online. If you need help finding the right mattress to suit your needs, one of our helpful team will gladly assist you. Have fun browsing through the selection of luxurious mattresses we have to offer.

About the Dormeo Mattress

Dormeo have been supplying top quality, Italian-made, memory foam and spring based mattresses and beds for the last 10 years. Improving the way people sleep, Dormeo have quickly become one of Europe's most trusted bedding brands. A Dormeo mattress is extremely comfortable, allowing you to enjoy a better nights’ rest. Thanks to the expertise behind the company, the Dormeo mattress range caters for all needs and budgets. With their extensive experience, the developers at Dormeo are ahead of the industry trends and are constantly pushing the boundaries in mattress technology. When purchasing a Dormeo bed or mattress, you are buying the history, the technology and the unmovable stance that quality is key with every product. The Dormeo Octaspring range epitomises this ethos and is one of the most popular ranges, not only from the Dormeo range, but also within the mattress industry as a whole.

Dormeo Octaspring

Comfort is Key

Dormeo mattresses are manufactured from the highest quality materials. The mattress core is confidently supplied with a 5 Year Guarantee, followed by an 15 Year Warranty. The removable cover includes a 1 Year Warranty. Full details regarding the warranty are available upon request.

Environmentally Friendly

Octaspring's manufacturing process and materials are extremely friendly to the environment when compared to that of a conventional sprung mattress. This is because every material within an Octaspring mattress can be recycled. The company itself is constantly looking for new ways to reduce it's carbon dioxide emissions.

A Flexible Structure: Comfort is about how a mattress supports the body - not just about how soft it is. Metal springs are supportive, but as they exert an upwards force, this can cause pressure points due to the downwards force of the body. Memory foam does not do this, but can become hot and humid causing perspiration and general discomfort. The high tech foam of an Octaspring works in harmony with its structure. The open honeycomb design means that the springs are durable and supportive, and that the product can also breathe.

Octasprings Work Together: Octasprings are designed in various levels of tension. These are arranged within a mattress to match the way in which the human body distributes it's weight. This laboratory tested pressure mapping is designed to enable smooth blood circulation, the relaxation of muscles and correct vertebrae alignment.

Innovative Ventilation: A poorly ventilated mattress may become hot, causing the sleeper to perspire. Furthermore, a traditional mattress may start to deteriorate and harbour the growth of mites and micro-organisms which can cause allergies. The Octasprings work in tandem with the Air-Mesh mattress borders, providing a constant air flow. Stale air can leave, whilst fresh air is sucked in.

State of the Art Memory Foam: Octaspring memory foam cradles the body according to it's contours, whilst the individually responsive nature of each spring means that the product dynamically conforms to it's movements. There is no transfer of motion between each spring, which ensures that sleeping partners are less likely to disturb each other.

Octaspring Classic Topper: Containing no fewer than 20 rows of Octasprings, the Octaspring Classic Topper is designed to give any mattress that Octaspring feeling. It certainly doesn't beat a true Octaspring Mattress, but it is indeed the next best thing.

Octaspring Body Zoned Topper: The deluxe version, the Octaspring Body Zoned Topper is designed with the Octasprings arranged into 5 seperate zones. Every Octaspring is colour coded according to tension, meaning that different resistances are applied in accodance with the body's natural contours and weight distribution. This gives optimum comfort and performance.

Innovative Ventilation & High Performance Cover: Traditional mattress toppers may become hot, as they are often not that well ventilated. This causes perspiration whilst sleeping, which can cause discomfort.

The structure of the Octaspring allows air to move freely through the product and the 'air-mesh' sides of the cover allow fresh air to be drawn in and stale air to come out. The cover is designed to protect against dust mites and bacteria, and can also be removed and washed at 30 degrees Celsius.

Octaspring Evolution Plus: 12 state-of-the-art Octapillow Octasprings keep the head cradled in ultimate comfort. The pillow edges provide a border of another 12 Octapillow Octasprings (slightly firmer, arranged horizontally). These support the neck, keeping your spine in alignment, no matter what position you choose to sleep in. A thick, luxurious memory foam sleeve keeps the cores in place and along with the pillow cover, forms the finishing touches to an amazingly confortable product. (Size: 40cm x 60cm)

Octaspring Evolution: The Evolution Octapillow features a core construction much like the Octaspring Evolution Plus - 12 Octapillow Octasprings in the centre, with a border of 12 firmer ones. This Octaspring Octapillow is a true example of how Octasprings have not only revolutionised the mattress world, but pillows as well. Many Octaspring customers find that once they've tried an Octaspring mattress they are forever a convert. The same trend is appearing with Octaspring Octapillows as well!

Octaspring Memory Evolution: The Memory Evolution Octapillow by Dormeo Octaspring contains 24 Octapillow Octasprings. The luxurious memory foam sleeve from the Octaspring Evolution Plus is also present on the Memory Evolution. If you're going for an Octaspring Mattress, why not add this Octasping Pillow as well? If your body is going to benefit from the revolutionary nature of Octasprings, why not your head and neck as well? The Octaspring Memory Evolution measures 40cm x 60cm.

Octaspring Classic Evolution: Just as the Octaspring Memory Evolution, the Octaspring Classic Evolution contains 24 Octasprings and is made for people who prefer a slightly firmer surface on which to rest their head. The beautifully soft pillowcase is designed to be highly absorbant, drawing away moisture and keeping you cool.

The Octaspring Classic Evolution is an excellent entry product into the Octaspring Octapillow Range!

Need Help?

We're happy to assist with any query or question you may have regarding any Dormeo mattress found on our website.

Simply call 01642 860040 and a member of our team will be waiting to take your call.

Did you know? Every Dormeo Octaspring mattress features a silky soft, bespoke Italian designed cover. Not only is there a great finishing touch to these luxurious mattresses, but they are fully functional too.

A Dormeo mattress will provide protection against dust mites and bacteria. The covers are removable and washable at 30°C. The mattress borders feature air-mesh technology which allows the products to breathe. This prevents the materials inside from becoming stale and helps keep the sleeper cool and dry.

Dormeo has been bringing top quality Italian-made memory foam mattresses direct to people's homes for the last 10 years, becoming one of Europe's most trusted bedding brands in the process. Their passion and commitment is that everybody should sleep on the very best mattress they can afford.

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