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Shorty Bunk Beds

Is your bedroom an awkward size or shape? A shorty bunk bed created by our team at Linthorpe Beds may be the ideal solution! To order your bunk bed online, you'll need to make a note of both the overall frame dimensions and the mattress sizes. Luckily, our handy size selector above lets you know what both sizes will be at the same time, so ordering online can be a breeze.

Shorty Bunk Beds

Special Size Bunk Beds

Custom Wooden Frames from £459.95

Please select dimensions based on your mattress size.
The Bed frame will be up to 4’’ bigger than the selected sizes.

Choose your width
Choose your length
For a mattress size of
W 2'6" 76cm x L 6'0" 183cm
The Bunk Bed Dimensions will be up to:
W 2'10" x L 6'4" 183cm

Shorty Bunk Beds

Is the bedroom an awkward size or shape? A made to measure bunk bed may be the ideal solution!

It can be awkward ordering such an item online, because you need to make note of both the overall frame dimensions and the mattress sizes as well. Thankfully our handy dandy size selector above, lets you know what both sizes will be at the same time. Order your Shorty Bunk Bed with confidence.

Linthorpe Beds is a leading specialist in both made to measure beds and custom size mattresses; we have years of experience in supplying goods for the perfect nights sleep!

If you require any further assistance please call us on 01642 613684.

Bunk Bed Made to Measure for You

British Made Bunk Beds

In an ever-increasing globalised world where more and more products are being mass produced in China and the Far East, it’s important that custom made British products are still available with no compromise on service or quality.

Linthorpe Beds is a leading specialist in both made to measure bed frames and divan beds. We have years of experience in supplying goods for the perfect night's sleep, so you can be confident that your bespoke bunk bed is of the highest quality!

We’re dedicated in providing our customers with a comprehensive range of the best handmade custom sized beds on the market. If you require any further assistance, please call us on 01642 613684.


Need Some Mattresses Too?

Once you've added your shorty bunk bed to your shopping basket, make sure to visit our special size mattress page. Just take note of the sizes you require and browse our made to measure mattress range which includes open coil springs, pocket springs, memory foam and everything in between.

We recommend a mattress that is no deeper than 7½ inches (19cm) for your new custom bunk bed. The sizes selector above will let you know exactly which size mattresses to choose in accordance with your choice of bunk bed dimensions.


Taking The Hassle Out Of Delivery

Within two weeks of placing your special size bunk bed order, it will be delivered to your home free of charge (UK mainland only). Once your short length bunk bed is ready, you'll receive a phone call to book in a specific delivery date. Then, on the day itself, you'll also receive a phone call from the driver to let you know when he is on the way, helping you prepare for the arrival of your new shorty bunk bed.

Simple, Efficient & Hassle Free...

Custom Bunks Give More Space for Bedroom Furniture

More Space For Furniture

When space is limited, you may be left with the terrible decision to choose either sleeping space or furniture. A short bunk bed is ideal for small rooms, as it can give you those precious few inches back, allowing you to fit in a desk, wardrobe, chest, or even a toy box.

Don't forget that with a bunk bed, you also reclaim a little bit of space beneath the frame itself, ideal for storage boxes etc. The clearance measures 12 inches (30.5cm) in height.

Custom Made to Your Measurements

Custom Made, Just For You

Your custom length shorty bunk bed will be specially made just for you, so you can rest assured that it hasn't been sitting in a warehouse collecting dust. Your new frame will also have been manufactured in the UK from high-quality pine so you know it will be incredibly durable.

There is a total of eight different sizes to choose from, with both single (3'0") and small single (2'6") widths, combined with lengths of 5'6"–6'3". Just select the dimensions you need from our handy grid and we'll make a start on your special size bunk bed today.

Ideal for Kids Rooms

Ideal For Kids!

It can be tricky working out at which age your child should move from a crib to their first bed. This can be especially true when considering purchase of a bunk bed, due to hazards associated with climbing onto the top bunk. We recommend an age of four years for the bottom bunk and an age of six for the top. This can vary depending on your child, but you should use your own judgement to determine if a shorty bunk bed is suitable.

Perfect For Ikea Mattresses

If you're the owner of an IKEA mattress you may be aware that some of their mattresses are made in continental sizes. This can be a problem if you're looking for a bed frame or divan bed to fit the mattress you already own. Our custom-made bunk beds could easily suit your current mattresses, saving you from having to replace the lot.

Ideal For Box Rooms

Sometimes a standard size bunk bed bed won't fit in a small box room.

This can be awkward if you're planning on having house guests stay over or if the size of your family is currently expanding. A made-to-order bunk bed might just be the perfect solution to maximise sleeping space in your home.


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