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For over 7 decades Silentnight have been a driving force in British Bed manufacturing, today they are recognised as a ‘Superbrand’ and household name in company with the iconic Hippo and Duck Mascots. Being renown for expertly craftmanship, commitment, innovation and experience that goes into every single mattress, divan and bedframes they produce.




Silentnight Mattresses

Having produced mattresses for over 70 years and they understand that everyone has different needs that they require from a mattress, even those who share their bed with a partner night. These challenges are illustrated with the brand icons Hippo and Duck, sleeping in harmony with each other, despite their obvious physical differences. 

Silentnight continually innovate in creating new technologies to aid with your nightly slumber take for example The Miracoil Spring System. The Miracoil Spring System presents a distinguished support system that supports, maximises sleeping space and reduces “roll-together” so you and your partner have less disturbances from movement – making it ideal for couples who share a bed. Another example, they created a new revolutionary spring system, the Mirapocket support system. Every mattress that contains the Mirapocket support system contains small individual springs that are placed within their own pocket of fabric, allowing them to move independently from each other. With this extraordinary design, the Mirapocket spring system reduces the possibility of roll together as the Mirapocket springs adjust to your body for luxurious comfort and impeccable support. Another additional benefit of the Mirapocket spring system presents is that it has edge to edge springs, allowing for maximum sleep space without compromising on comfort.

Silentnight mattresses are truly the peak of comfort and design, so when you lay down on their mattress at the end of the day you will truly have a Silentnight.

Silentnight Mattresses come with a 5 Year Warranty

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Silentnight Mattresses

Silentnight Divan Beds

Our range of Silentnight beds all come with a 5 Year Warranty that include both the Mattress and the Base. Being renowned for their diverse range of choice and their ranges of divan beds also follow this trend, as all of Silentnight’s luxurious divan beds have numerous storage options fully equipped to cater to each of the individual needs of each customer.


Every divan has the option to feature either a Platform Top or Twin Wheel Castors. These divan beds can be ordered with 2 or 4 storage drawers (standard or continental) or without storage options. If drawers are not what you require, Silentnight divan beds are also available with Ottoman Storage, perfect for storing bedding and pillows so you won’t need to go in that stuffy airing cupboard anymore! The Ottoman storage option allows either the top half or bottom half of the base to lift up. You are free to specify the drawer configuration for the top end of the base separately as well. The Ottoman system is a prime choice for those looking to maximise the space in their bedroom, as with Ottoman storage you can store much more along with bedding and pillows, due the sheer amount of space an Ottoman bed offers.

Silentnight Divan Beds come with a 5 Year Warranty

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Single Small Double Double King Size Super King

Silentnight Beds - Mattress and Base

Silentnight Headboards

Looking for that finishing touch for your new divan bed? Consider a matching headboard, the perfect accessory for your new divan bed. Silentnight offers a gorgeous selection of expertly crafted headboards, such as the chic cubic button inlaid design of the Castello headboard to the conventional simple layout of the Paris headboard.


Along with the Paris head they also have other fantastic headboards for example the Palermo headboard that keeps a traditional look with its padded border and padded inlay for that added dash of style to your Silentnight divan bed.

Silentnight Headboard - Divan accessories

Silentnight Miracoil

The innovative Miracoil Spring System achieves this feat by using a ‘continuous coil’ wire design, that is intricately weaved into an array of interlaced springs. This feature is unlike most traditional spring systems. The Miracoil Spring System links each spring vertically unlike most spring systems which are linked horizontally, linking the springs vertically allows for a firmer support system for you and your partner. An additional benefit of the design of the Miracoil Spring System is that it offers zonal support to assists in spinal alignment, as a healthy sleeping posture is key to a good night’s sleep.


Here at Linthorpe Beds we have a range of Miracoil mattress that are available for Free next day delivery if you order the mattress before 1pm. To view our range of Miracoil mattresses choose your desired size below.


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Single Small Double Double King Size Super King

Silentnight Miracoil logo

Silentnight Mirapocket

Every mattress that contains the Mirapocket Spring System expertly utilises crafted springs housed within luxury fabric pockets. These springs respond individually, this means that while you sleep each spring is forming to your body shape, granting support and comfort for your body while you sleep. An additional benefit of the Mirapocket support system is scientifically proven to help promote a healthy spinal alignment and posture, having a healthy sleeping position can have a positive effect on your day to day life, for example having a healthy sleeping position can help you beat fatigue through the means of having a comfortable, good night’s sleep.


If you need a new mattress in a hurry, here at Linthorpe Beds we can ship your brand-new Mirapocket mattress to you, the very next day! To view our range of Mirapocket Mattresses choose the size you need from the buttons below.


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Silentnight Mirapocket System logo

Silentnight Geltex Inside

Geltex is a ground breaking new technology that is a unique combination of comfort, body support, breathability; infusing foam with gel, Geltex has the benefit of immediate elasticity which certifies ‘spring back’ for greatly beneficial support and comfort. Geltex promotes a ‘floating’ feeling, reducing pressure on key points on your body, while you sleep. Geltex also keeps you cool while you sleep thanks to is open-cell structure that enhances breathability, decreasing the possibility of overheating which can disturb your sleep. Another additional benefit of Geltex is that it responds to the contours of your body providing greatly increased spinal alignment and comfort throughout the night.

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Geltex Inside

Free Next Day Delivery

Do you need something swiftly or want your new Silentnight mattress next day? We’ve got you covered! If you place your order for your new mattress before 1pm, you can have the delivery of your new mattress as soon as tomorrow, with Silentnight’s next day delivery service, or you can choose a more suitable date.


This service also includes Room-of-choice delivery, with your goods handled by specially trained 2 Man Delivery team. A special Saturday Delivery service and Disposal of your old bed or mattress can also be added to you order for an additional fee.


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Single Small Double Double King Size Super King

Free Next Day Delivery

Silentnight History

For over 7 decades Silentnight have been a driving force within British Bed manufacturing. Today they are recognised as a ‘UK Superbrand’ and household name, in company with the iconic Hippo and Duck Mascots. Being renowned for their expert craftmanship, commitmentinnovation and experience that goes into every single mattress, divan and bedframes they produce. 

Starting in 1946 in the North Yorkshire tow of Skipton under the name ‘Clarke’s Mattresses, Limited’ they had continued to grow and evolve due to producing high-quality beds and mattresses which increased demand so much they had to expand to a new factory in Barnoldswick in 1949! In 1951 Clarke’s Mattresses, Limited changed name to the recognized UK Superbrand, Silentnight, but they proceeded to grow at such an expeditious rate that they moved into their present premises in Barnoldswick, Lancashire. 

From then on through hard work and determination they continued to ascend growing larger and largerextending their showroom in Salterforth to present even more of their luxury products to the public in 1979. Throughout the years they continued to innovate creating the ‘Ultimate spring system’ also known currently as the Miracoil spring system in 1986. To exhibit the first spring system developed in the United Kingdom for over three decadesSilentnight introduced the UK to the two brand icons synonymous with Silentnight, Hippo & Duck. Using the iconic duo to illustrate the springs system’s extraordinary no-roll together properties.

In 2004 Silentnight were recognised for their “dedication passion, product knowledge, exceptional quality and sleep expertise to provide sleep solutions for all the family” that makes them a UK Superbrand. Offering a wide array consumer choice, excellence, high quality comfort and support, alongside innovation and production to provide the ultimate bed selection. The strides towards innovation since being award the title of UK Superbrand, Silentnight have undertaken has not gone unrecognised. For example, the Now Zone 3 rolled mattress was awarded ‘Which? Best Buy Mattresses September 2012’ and ‘Which? Best Buy Mattresses June 2016’and the Mirapocket 1200 mattress was also awarded the title of ‘Which? Best Buy Mattresses May 2016. With these huge achievements in 2014, they were awarded Brand of the Year for the UK Furniture  Beds Category at the distinguished World Branding Awards, where they were among 69 other bed brands from 25 other countries!
Silentnight truly understand what goes into a great night’s sleep!

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