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Silentnight Elite Cello Natural 2000 Divan Set
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Silentnight Elite Cello Natural 2000 Divan Set

Our Price £829.95 inc. VAT
 Mattress Included
 Matching Headboard Available
 Mirapocket® Springs (2000)
 Storage Options Available
 Silk, Cashmere & Wool
 Choice of Colours
 Medium Tension
 68cm / 27 Inches High
 Non Turn Mattress
 5 Year Guarantee
Drawer Options:
3' Headboard:
Our Price £829.95 inc. VAT
Delivered to you in 2 Weeks Delivery
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Looking for a mattress with amazing support and comfort with opulent fillings and cover? The Silentnight Cello Natural Pocket 2000 has this and more! With 2000 of Silentnight’s Mirapocket springs to support your body head to toe combined with natural comfort layers made from sustainable and eco-friendly materials such as woolcashmere and silk.

Resting at the center of the mattress are 2000 of Silentnight’s premium Mirapocket springs, these springs are situated within fabric sleeves. Having these springs within a fabric sleeve allowing them to react independently allowing for a more precise, targeted pressure relief. An additional benefit of this spring system is that with the springs being separate from one another they allow your body to imprint itself onto them, the springs follow your body’s whole form, providing a tailored sleep experience thanks to the Cello Natural Pocket 2000 ability to adhere to your unique body shape.

The Cello Natural Pocket 2000 has luxurious natural comfort layers, these comfort layers help maintain a comfortable sleep temperature by improving airflow within the mattress, heat retention as well heat dispersion and are made from fully sustainable, eco-friendly materials.

Finishing off the Silentnight Cello Natural Pocket 2000 is a tufted, Purotex treated, opulent damask cover. The tufts at the top of the mattress help pull all the mattresses fillings together, keeping the fillings taught and in place for much longer. This mattress also features a breathable border that maximizes airflow within the mattress, allowing air to flow freely throughout the mattress.

The damask cover has been treated with the scientifically accredited Purotex, this hypoallergenic probiotic treatment creates a protective barrier against allergens and dust-mites making this mattress an ideal choice for users who suffer from allergies.

Delivery Speed
2 Weeks Delivery
Base Depth
38cm / 15 inches Deep
Mattress Depth
Mattress Cover
Damask Cover
Non Turn
Mattress Core
Pocket Springs
Core Specification
2000 Mirapocket® Springs
5 Year Guarantee
Fillings Specification
Silk, Cashmere & Wool
Mattress Tension
Measured Depth Approx.
30cm / 12 Inches Deep
Mirapocket Spring System

2000 Mirapocket Springs

The Silentnight Cello Natural Pocket 2000 features 2000 Mirapocket Springs that offer unparalleled support and comfort. Each one of the Mirapocket Springs react to the pressure that you body places upon it, each spring that comes in contact with your body the springs follow your bodies natural form as it cocoons your body.

Natural Latex Comfort Layer

Natural Comfort Layers

The natural comfort layers present within the Cello Natural Pocket 2000 assists with maintaining a comfortable sleeping temperature. The combination of these fibers allowing for increased airflow, moisture retention and heat dispersion. The fibers used in these Natural Comfort layers are sustainable and eco-friendly.

Breathable Border

Breathable Border

The breathable border allows for increased airflow throughout the mattress, keeping the fillings fresh.

Tufted Mattress


Each one of the tremendous tufts on this mattress is hand stitched into the mattress and they aren’t just for show. These tufts pull all the layers together keeping them taught and tight thus keeping the mattress fillings securely in place.

Orthopaedic Support

Orthopaedic Support

Utilizing the form following properties that the Mirapocket Spring system provides, the Silentnight Cello Natural Pocket 2000 is an excellent choice for those who require extra support for their lower back and shoulders.

Double Sided Mattress

Double Sided Mattress

This mattress maximizes the sleep space available as the Natural Pocket 2000 is a double-sided mattress.

Mattress Handles

Mattress Handles

To assist with the flipping of this mattress Silentnight have kindly designed the Natural Pocket 2000 to feature flagged stitched mattress handles.

Medium Mattress Tension

Medium Tension

The Silentnight Natural Pocket 2000 has a mattress tension rating of medium.

Silentnight Natural Pocket 2000 Measures 13½ Inches Deep

Mattress Depth

The depth of this mattress is 35cm or 13½ inches.


Hypoallergenic Mattress

The Natural Pocket 2000 has the Allergy UK seal of approval, making this mattress a great choice for those who suffer from allergies.

5 Year Warranty from Silentnight

5 Year Warranty Period

Silentnight have graciously given this mattress a 5-year warranty period, in the highly unlikely case where a manufacturing fault develops.

BS7177 - Low Risk

BS7177 Classification

The Silentnight Natural Pocket 2000 meets the requirements of the BS7177 Classification.

NBF Approved Manufacturer

NBF Approved

Silentnight are honorable members of the National Bed Federation as the expertise and craftmanship they invest on every single mattress and divan bed meets the high expectations of the NBF.

Produced in the UK

Made in the UK

Silentnight are based in Barnoldswick, Lancashire, where they manufacture all of their luxurious mattress and marvelous divan beds.


Free 2 Man Delivery - Room of Choice

The Silentnight Cello Natural Pocket 2000 Divan Set includes Free 2 Man Delivery. This service includes Room of Choice too. Simply specify a suitable date at the checkout. Saturday Deliveries are available at an additional charge and you can even opt for your old mattress to be taken away too. This is how it works:

  • The day before delivery, you'll receive a text message indicating a 3 hour time slot that the delivery will fall within
  • On the day itself, the drivers will give you a ring when they're approximately 1 hour away
  • Once they arrive, the 2 Man Team will take your new Cello Natural Pocket 2000 Mattress to whichever room you like

Silentnight Cello Natural Pocket 2000 Divan Set - 2 Man Home Delivery

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Silentnight Elite Cello Natural 2000 Divan Set

Silentnight Elite Cello Natural 2000 Divan Set
Product isn't rated yet.
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