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Silentnight Mattresses & Beds

Mattress & Divan Beds

Silentnight mattresses are designed on the basis that not only you need a great night's sleep, but that your significant other needs one too. Silentnight beds feature the latest innovations in sleep technology, along with wonderfully supportive spring systems which prevent your partner from being disturbed by your movements. This page offers a small selection of featured products. If you want to view all of our Silentnight Mattresses, Divan Beds or Special Offer items, jump to those sections as indicated above.

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Silentnight Diamond Elisa 1400 Natural Mattress
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Silentnight Mattresses & Beds

About the Company

Silentnight have been around for over 70 years and stand proudly as one of the UK's favourite manufacturers of mattresses and divan sets. They achieved this by continually responding to the ever changing needs of the public, incorporating the latest technological leaps with their own innovations. There is something designed for everyone and the hand picked materials and designs ensure that no matter which divan set or mattress you choose, you're in for a fantastic night's sleep.

Products are available in single, small double, double, king size & super king; ensuring there's something for every bedroom and lifestyle.

Miracoil Systems

The company's patented springs, the Miracoil system features a continuous wire which has been arranged into rows and link vertically. This enables a reliable level of back support, whilst also preventing roll together between two sleeping partners.

Regardless of how you and your partner differ, you can both enjoy the zoned support afforded by firmer springs which give focus to the hips and shoulders, working alongside the regular tension springs to keep your spine correctly aligned at all times. To can view all of our Silentnight Miracoil Mattresses via the link below:

Miracoil Mattresses

Mirapocket Systems

Mirapocket mattresses feature individual metal springs which are each housed within their own fabric pockets and sewn (or crimped) together. This allows them to move independently from each other and therefore only contract in accordance with the weight placed upon each one. In effect, the springs 'follow the shape' of your body, offering a specific level of support to each part of it. This ensures even distribution of your body weight, which in turn prevents pressure points and alleviates aches and pains in the process.

Mirapocket spring systems also feaure edge-to-edge support via reinforcements along the sides, maximising your sleeping surface in the process. That's not all...Silentnight Mirapocket springs also prevent roll-togther, just like their Miracoil siblings. To jump to our selection of Mirapocket Mattresses, use the link below:

Mirapocket Mattresses

Next Day

If you're looking for a fantastic nights sleep and you need something quickly, why not get your Silentnight Mattress Next Day? These handpicked mattresses are instock for immediate dispatch. Just order before 11am. There is no extra charge for this service and everything still includes Room-of-Choice and the usual benefits such as ETA information and a call from the delivery drivers when they are on the way. To view our Next Day Silentnight goods, please use the link below:

Next Day Mattresses

Signature Range

We're honoured to have been specially chosen as an offical Sleep Centre. This means that Linthorpe Beds is part of a small group of retailers who can display and stock items from the Signature Range. To view this collection, please click (or tap) on the button below:

Signature Range

What Type of Warranty is Included

Silentnight a so confident in the quality and high level craftsmanship that goes into every bed and mattress, that they offer a 5 Year Warranty on every item. Peace of mind as well as peace of body as you sleep.

An Example of Proud British Manufacture

Every Silentnight mattress and divan bed is produced in their factory, based in Barnoldswick in Lancashire. The belief in traditional techniques and craftsmanship is very much a part of their ethos as an organisation. The benefits of which secure this manufacturer as one of the nation's favourite suppliers in this industry.

Why a Hippo & Duck?

This benefit is perfectly illustrated by the instantly recognisable mascots the Hippo & Duck, who despite having a massive difference in size, shape and body weight, can sleep in peace without any fear of both rolling into the centre of the mattress.

Mattress Care & Considerations

As with all mattresses, they should be turned on a regular basis (unless single-sided), and rotated to ensure maximised longevity from the product. Active cleaning should be kept to a minimum and it is best to prevent dirt and spills by the use of fitted sheets and mattress protectors. Vacuuming can actually do more harm than good, as it can loosen the fillings and move them out of place over time.

What Tension Should I Choose?

To ensure there is a mattress or divan bed for everyone, their products are available in a range of tensions which determine how hard or soft each mattress feels when you lie on it. If you're unsure or have no real preference, bear in mind that 'Medium' and 'Medium to Firm' tension mattresses are designed to be compatible with the widest variety of people. The odd mattress may even come with a range of tensions to choose from. Use the filters on this page if you want to narrow down your results.

Are These Items Safe & Fire Resistant?

All of these products have been put through thier paces within a special test environment, in terms of flammability, temperature control, pressure and even the all important durability test, which ensures many years of use out of your new items. These state of the art SATRA accredited labs ensure that results are not only accurate but impartial too.

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