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Paul Briggs author/paul-briggs
27 Jan 2020, 12:03 PM

Best Mattress for Bad Back - Advice

Maintaining the natural alignment of your spine is crucial when trying to ease back pain. With your spine being at the centre of your skeleton, excess strain placed upon it can cause issues with your neck, legs and shoulders. Good posture really does begin with a healthy spine. If you have (or want to prevent) a bad back, having a suitable mattress can make all the difference. It isn't just about firmness, but how supportive your bed is.

Read on to see what this means.

Best Mattress for Bad Back

Looking for a mattress to help alleviate your back pain? These are some great ranges to consider:

Sleepeezee Backcare Range

This incredibly popular range has stood the test of time by being a mainstay of their product line up for years. It's easy to see why. The Backcare mattresses tend to carry a firm tension, which many people prefer if they have issues with their back. On top of this, the mattresses contain pocket springs, meaning they are able to offer the right level of support to each part of your body - firmer support for the hips and shoulders.

Silentnight Geltex Range

Geltex is more responsive than memory foam and doesn't get warm while you sleep. It makes this range a solid choice for people who suffer from having a bad back, because of the way it gently hugs and supports your body as you sleep. It fills the tiny gaps that may be left between your body and the springs underneath. Maximum contact between your body and the mattress is the very definition of support. Available with Miracoil or Mirapocket spring systems.

Dormeo Octaspring - Mattresses for Bad Backs

'Sleep Reinvented' is their tagline and there's plenty of truth to Dormeo's bold claim. Some people love a foam mattress, but they want to couple this with the robust support that only springs can provide. Dormeo combined the two ideals by making the Octaspring; a spring actually made from foam. This design allows the mattresses to be breathable, but also enables targeted support (arranged into zones), ideal for both back and side sleepers.

A Luxury Mattress for Bad Backs:

  • Free Delivery to Room of Choice
  • ReActive 9-Turn Pocket Springs
  • Wool, Cashmere & Cotton
  • Belgian Damask Fabric Cover
  • Vents for Air Circulation
  • Flag Stitched Handles
  • 3 Rows of Hand Side Stitching
  • 30cm / 12 Inch Depth
  • 10 Year Guarantee

Luxurious Mattress for Bad Backs

How Back Pain Impacts Sleep

Back pain can have a huge impact on the quality of your sleep:

  • Lower back pain is the leading cause of disability across the world
  • Discomfort in your back, causes your sleep to become disturbed. The more you wake up at night, the less energy you'll have during the day
  • Your general comfort threshold is much lower. If you combine excessive warmth, poor ventilation and back pain together, it's no wonder you may find it hard getting to sleep
  • Studies show that those who suffer from chronic pain in their back and joints, lose up to 42 minutes of sleep per night

Need a Mattress for Ease Your Back Pain

The Best Mattresses for Bad Backs Align your Spine Correctly

We all come in different shapes and sizes, but there are certain characteristics which are common across all human bodies. The shoulders and hips not only weigh more than our mid-sections, but they tend to stick out more too. With both side and back sleepers, it is important that your mattress can accommodate these natural curves and keep your spine correctly aligned in the process.

The diagram shows the difference between how an inadequate and a more suitable mattress, have an affect on our spine. The top mattress fails to match the curves of the shoulders and hips, causing excess strain. The bottom mattress keeps the spine nice and straight, preventing back pain, but also helping to alleviate exisiting issues by providing support.

Your Mattress Must Accomodate Your Curves

Once you find a mattress for your bad back, it should help with the following issues:

Lower back pain is fairly common, but can be devastating if left untreated

This is a fairly common type of back pain, which is located around the point where the spine meets the pelvis. This area naturally takes on a lot of strain during the day, and standing for long periods of time or even sitting in a way which doesn't support your back, tires the muscles in area. Traditionally, mattresses don't do a great job of supporting the lower lumbar, because of the way it naturally forms a concave shape away from the mattress surface. If you have pain around the lower lumber, you need a mattress which can adjust and support this area.

Neck pain can have a huge impact on day-to-day life

Neck pain is often associated with laying in bed in an awkward position, but it can still be related to poor support while sleeping. We tend to naturally try and find the most comfortable position while we sleep, but sometimes we will overcompensate and find a position which does us more harm in the long run. Pillows can make a huge difference; if they're too high, too firm or too soft they can cause pain. However, if a mattress doesn't support your back properly, the strain can centre itself towards the top of the spine - i.e. your neck. Memory Foam, Geltex, Latex or any other type of cushioning layer within the mattress, can help by briding the gap between the pillows and the mattress itself.

Shoulder pain can be muscular or due to your joints rubbing

Low quality or poorly designed mattresses can push your shoulders together in a way which causes aches and pain over time. This happens when you sink into an open coil mattress, as the centre of your back sink the lowest, causing your shoulder blades to be pushed together. A decent supportive mattress, should allow your shoulders to maintain optimum separation, whilst their natural shape is catered to and pressure points are prevented. Much like the hips, the shoulders weigh more than many other parts of the body, and so this weight should be evenly distributed.

Best Mattress for Bad Back - What is Zoned Support?

Mattresses which have 'Support Zones' have a varying level of tension across the length of the mattress. This means that the springs are actually firmer where your shoulders and hips will rest. In the picture, this is illustrated by the darker Octasprings which support your midsection, but this applies to pocket springs and other technologies too. The springs are arranged into rows which helps to distribute your body weight evenly across the mattress. This is important as it prevents pressure points from developing, which can cause aches and pains, but also contribute to a poor level of blood circulation. Speaking of which, a healthy blood circulation can help you feel more refreshed in the morning, as oxygenated blood is how the body transports energy during rest.

A mattress with zoned support helps with weight distribution
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