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Cassie Cooper author/cassie-cooper
8 Dec 2020, 2:34 PM

What are the signs of a bad mattress?

The signs of a bad mattress are that you're not getting the support and comfort you need and the mattress is perhaps looking out of shape and sagging in places. It may feel lumpy and you may wake up with aches and pains. If it's taking you longer to get to sleep then it might mean its time to replace it.

Why would an old mattress be bad for me?

If you're tossing and turning and struggling to get comfortable then its a good indicator that the mattress is past its best. If the support of the mattress isn't there anymore then its time to look into buying a new one. Ignoring the problem could mean health problems for you in the future.

Is there a way to "fix" my bad mattress?

There are mattress toppers which can be used as a short term solution but really once the support from a mattress has deteriorated then it is really time for a new one. If you have taken care for a mattress previously and turned it etc then once you are seeing signs of wear and tear purchasing a new one is important for your own comfort and sleep health.

Is memory foam bad for health?

Memory foam is an excellent way of gaining the support and comfort you need and is very popular for that reason. Everyone has a different level of firmness in their mattress which is why its great to come into a showroom and try lots of different ones until you find the right level for you. Memory foam definitely promotes comfort and there are types of memory foam on the market now that helps keep you cool at night so its worth investigating.

What is the life expectancy of each type of mattress if looked after?

We generally say around 5 years but its different depending on the wear and tear of the mattress. General wear and tear is very common. By turning your mattress every three to six months, your mattress will allow for even body weight distribution. On the other hand, if your mattress has begun to age, we recommend replacing your mattress (this should be done after around 5 years depending on how long it is used) to prevent you from aches and stiffness over time. Be sure to check out our range of mattresses at Linthorpe Beds, from anti-allergy, hypoallergenic, memory foam, hybrid or latex mattresses as the expectancy of each mattress varies.

What to pay attention to when buying a new mattress?

Look for the comfort and support a mattress offers and test it out at a showroom first if you can. Check out recommendations and the level of firmness you would like. (remember this can be different to what you might think). Protect your investment with a mattress protector!

How can I extend the life of my new mattress?

A protector is a great way of extending the life of your new mattress and Linthorpe have these in stock! Checking for wear and tear and changing bedding regularly can also help along with vacuuming to remove dust and dead skin.

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