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Umarah Hussain author/umarah-hussain
2 Dec 2020, 9:10 AM

Washing Your Mattress

Mattresses are quite a serious, hefty investment, so it’s vital that they last you a long time. From dust mites, dirt, debris and dead skin, mattresses regularly see wear and tear, stains and odours worsen over time. However, with constant maintenance, you’ll have the potential to improve its lifespan whilst keeping it fresh and clean. It’s as simple as spending 10 minutes a couple times a month in exchange for 5 years of hygienic snoozing.

Washing your bedding

By replacing and washing your bedding fortnightly, you can keep the environment that you sleep in, clean and clear of dirt. Whilst you have the sheets off, take some time to vacuum the mattress with an upholstered tool that comes with a vacuum. You’ll actually be surprised at how much dust mites and dead skin is sucked up.

How do I protect my mattress?

You can keep your mattress away from the face of grime by using a machine washable mattress topper. By using a topper, you can keep surface stains and bacteria settling into a mattress, thus making dirt easier to remove. Once you have machine washed the topper, be sure to let it dry and pop it back onto the mattress. We offer a range of mattress toppers, which you can shop here.

How to clean a dirty mattress

Tackling stains as soon as they occur makes it much easier than removing old stains. All you will need is an old toothbrush, white vinegar, soap and a clean microfibre cloth. By gently scrubbing onto the stain with the toothbrush and white vinegar, you’ll find the stain getting lighter. Once you’ve completed scrubbing, go in with the microfibre cloth and warm water to remove any soap suds. Let the mattress dry out completely before laying to avoid mould and dampness.

When should I turn my mattress?

It is a known fact that humans spend around one third of their life in bed, so general wear and tear is very common. By turning your mattress every three to six months, your mattress will allow for even body weight distribution. On the other hand, if your mattress has begun to age, we recommend replacing your mattress (this should be done after around 5 years depending on how long it is used) to prevent you from aches and stiffness over time. Be sure to check out our range of mattresses at Linthorpe Beds, from anti-allergy, hypoallergenic, memory foam, hybrid or latex mattresses.

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