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Umarah Hussain author/umarah-hussain
14 Jan 2021, 2:19 PM

Warming Up A Bed

It’s most certainly that time of year again, where coming into your humble abode should be all warm and toasty to keep you from the cold outside your door. Those numbing temperatures may have you wanting to take a hot shower and crawl into your bed. However, there is nothing more dissatisfying than one that takes a while to warm up.

But there’s good news! It’s a lot easier to warm up your bed than you think! With the correct layers to keep in natural body heat, your bed can actually become a very warm place that you can only dream of jumping into.

Create Layers

Ever wondered what it takes to make a luxury hotel bed in your own home? The secret is layering. Hotel rooms are usually on the cooler side than normal bedrooms, yet people are instantly warm and toasty when getting into the bed. Sometimes you may just wonder why your own bed can’t feel like this, well now it can. Here at Linthorpe Beds, we recommend starting with a comfortable mattress sheet and then doubling up with another. Once you’ve popped these on, add your warm comforter on top.

Opt For A Comforter

A comforter plays a huge role in the design of a bedroom, so people generally pay more attention to its appearance than the fabric that it is hosted by. Thus, if you’re feeling quite chilly when laying in bed, it may be ideal to take a look at the material you’re using and opt for feathered or wool comforters for extra warmth.

Choose Warmer Materials

What is it that you look for in new sheets? If it’s appearance, it’s no wonder that comfortability isn’t a forefront specification of your bedding. You can almost always notice the difference between high quality sheets and those that are value for money. We can guarantee that Egyptian cotton sheets will keep you in bed for longer than cheap ones you find just anywhere.

Heated Bedding and Blankets

Sometimes, sheets and blankets just aren’t enough. In a world of warm fabrics and materials, it’s almost a godsend that we have heated bedding that speeds up the process of a warm bed. Most of us can almost always heat up a bed with their own body heat, however for those that can’t, we recommend heated bedding. It’s as simple as plugging in the blanket and you’ve got instant heat.

Love to splash the cash on fancy throws? Although they’re known for decorating, an ultra-soft throw can actually become a warm and cosy blanket to throw on your bed when you need it the most. What’s more is that if you have blankets lying around, you can double up and get even more warmth as you snooze.

We understand how vital it is to get a good night’s sleep. For every hour that is lost, our daytime productivity is seen to decrease and destabilise by 25%. A huge part of our good night’s rest is the comfort of our own beds, so how can you sleep well if your place of comfort isn’t comfortable at all? This all begins with how you make your bed.

So, if you’re looking to spruce up your home for the winter season that is now in full effect, don’t forget about your bed. A cosy bed must have a good foundation, thus if you find that your sheets aren’t fitting right or feel too cool to lay into, be sure to opt for warmer materials (feather, wool or Egyptian cotton). Who knew a bed could be so fabulous yet comfortable and warm all at the same time?

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