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Cassie Cooper author/cassie-cooper
8 Dec 2020, 2:47 PM

What options do I have for underbed storage?

Traditionally people have tried lots of different ways to maximise storage in their bedroom from using boxes and vacuum sealing bulky items to buying expensive fitted furniture. Practically it makes sense to have your bedding items near by and so a bed with a useful storage feature would be a good idea. We have ottomans to ensure all your items are safely underneath your bed creating an organized clutter-free environment. There are a few different types of ottoman beds and we can go through the options with you.

I have a bed without built in storage, can I still store things under it?

You can use boxes or bags to store underneath or even a drawer but often items get dusty and the overall look of having items under a bed doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing.

Can I raise the height of my bed for more storage?

Divan beds traditionally help boost up a bed height and they can feature storage within. This style is still a very popular choice with our customers and the beds can be moved easily as they tend to be more lightweight than some other styles.

Are Bedskirts out of style?

Everyone has a different preference for what they wish their bedroom to look like and we say you should go for what you prefer. If you want to hide the drawers/divan base with a bed skirt then you should go for it. It altogether depends on your individual vision for your bedroom. The traditional pleated bed skirts are still available along with a more streamlined look that’s more modern.

I have a small bedroom, what would be best for storage?

We do a made to measure service so no size space is a problem to us! For smaller rooms some bed storage is a good shout for space saving purposes.

Is it bad to store things under your bed?

It’s not a healthy environment if it’s dusty under beds so in that sense it’s not the best thing to store items loosely underneath a bed. If an adequate storage solution is utilised however it can be the perfect area to hide bulkier items you don’t want on display.

What can I store under my bed?

Pillows, duvets and cushions are ideal to place underneath as are seasonal items.

How do you make an Underbed storage look good?

Ottoman beds are extremely spacious and this means you can slot in storage boxes or separators to create compartments. The ways to organise the storage boxes are endless and all you need to do before hand is to check dimensions of storage boxes to check they’ll fit.

Do you stock luxury beds that hide a TV?

Our stunning Kaydian Titan media bed frame offers a luxurious tv storage solution and is perfect for lazy days in style. This beautiful bed would transform any sleep space into a home cinema all from the comfort of your bedroom!

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