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Umarah Hussain author/umarah-hussain
8 Dec 2020, 2:47 PM

Under Bed Storage

We all struggle with storage in our homes, especially if our humble abode is quite compact. One of the most popular ways to store away clutter is by using under bed storage. Since not many people have the luxury to tidy away their belongings in a chest of drawers and glamorous walk-in wardrobes, that’s why ottoman beds and divan beds help to make the most out of your storage. Here’s how you can use an ottoman to tidy away today.

Separate out belongings

Share your storage with your other half? If you’ve opted for a divan bed, why not dedicate a space of storage between each other so that you’re able to keep on top of where all your things are? This way you’ll be saving time whilst being organised all at the same time.

Use storage boxes

Our ottoman beds at Linthorpe Beds are extremely spacious, meaning you can slot in storage boxes or separators to organise certain spaces under the bed into different compartments. For example, you could have a dedicated sock section, another section for ties, another for jumpers and so on. The ways to organise storage boxes are endless, just be sure to check for dimensions before buying the boxes.

Roll up clothing

Really lacking in space for your blankets and other essentials? We recommend opting for a Marie Condo! Roll up clothing when popping them under a divan or ottoman bed. This hack is a total space saver, allowing hoarders especially, to save space and keep special fabrics in good condition.

Vacuum packing

To be in absolute control of your space if you’re completely restricted, opt for vacuum packing under your bed. This simply means popping your belongings (make sure they aren’t sharp objects) into a vacuum pack bag and removing the air from the bag. One thing to note however, is that this option is useful for items that you don’t use as regularly. Now that you’ve learnt that you can keep clutter in check, we’d recommend selecting from one of the two beds if you’re struggling for storage. As mentioned, we offer an array of ottoman beds and divan beds that are perfect for storage solutions. Not only are they built to last, but they look exceptional in any home, no matter big or small. What’s more, is that we offer divan beds in memory foam, orthopaedic and pocket sprung mattresses. Shop the range of divan beds and ottoman beds here now.

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