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Cassie Cooper
4 Jan 2021, 3:00 PM

What are the best mattresses for bad backs?

Baker and Wells have a great reputation and our customers love the comfort they offer. For a great nights’ support and cool gel memory foam luxury, this roll up mattress is definitely worth checking out.

Should I use a mattress topper?

Mattress toppers are a great way of gaining support as a mattress topper sits on top of your mattress prolonging the life by reducing pressure on the springs, delaying any sagging or general wear. Combine a mattress topper with regularly flipping your mattress and you could see your mattress provide full support for longer. Millbrook have a range of toppers suitable for all the family.

I have bad hips / bad knees / bad back is there a mattress for this?

Any mattress offering excellent support for the whole body will benefit tired and aching muscles and joints. Harrison Spinks are a company we know take comfort very seriously. They have set models in each range which dictate the mattress 'recipe' (for example, the number of pocket springs and the specific natural materials used within the comfort layers), you can control how firm or soft your mattress should be and whether you want a single, double, king, or super king size. Harrison Spinks can even have your new mattress made to your own custom dimensions if you wish. We also offer bespoke beds, including made-to-measure divan beds and

Is there a memory foam mattress for a bad back?

The Cool Sensations 1400 offers superb support from individually responsive pocket springs, which work in tandem with the generously deep layer of memory foam and integrated hydrophilic fibres, to keep you comfortable and cool as you sleep.

The mattress core boasts a 1400 count spring system, and the memory foam layer is able to adjust to your body and current sleeping position, with ease. Where conventional memory foam can become too warm during use, the Cool Sensations Mattress Sleepeezee takes its name from the hydrophilic fibres, which provide enhanced temperature regulation, thus keeping your body at the optimum climate for restful sleep.

What is the best pocket sprung mattress?

Pocket Sprung Mattresses contain traditional metal springs, but unlike with open coil (Bonnell sprung) mattresses, they aren't held together by a rigid wire framework. Each spring is separately held in its own fabric sleeve and therefore only depresses in accordance with the weight placed directly on it. This makes pocket sprung mattresses incredibly supportive; able to react to your shape and sleeping position. The Venetian Haze Mattress is a popular choice and a great price point.

What are the effects of a bad mattress?

Back pain, neck stiffness, and shoulder aches are all common symptoms of a bed that's not working for your body. You might be sleeping on a mattress that's too soft or a mattress that's too firm if you're waking up sore. Older mattresses have likely accumulated a decent amount of dust and dust mites. If you are experiencing any aches and pains on a morning this may indicate that you aren’t getting the best sleep that you deserve.

How can you tell if your mattress needs replacing?

1. Your mattress is over 8 years old
The age of the mattress is one of the first things to consider. Most people don’t remember when they bought their last mattress. Linthorpe recommends replacement every 7 to 10 years.

2. You don’t feel rested when you wake
If you get a good night’s sleep you should wake up feeling refreshed and rested. If you find that you are waking up tired and feeling drowsy during the day it may be due to too much tossing and turning throughout the night. Your body is working overtime to find a comfortable sleeping position that does not exist.

3. You wake up with aches and pains and holding your back
Are you waking up stiff and tired every morning? If you are then chances are you need a new mattress. Old mattresses tend to gradually lose the ability to provide proper support and once the comfort zone has matted down you will get pressure points by sleeping directly on the springs. This can create significant pain in the neck, shoulders and back. You will also get uncomfortable pressure points that will cause you to toss and turn all night long. Morning neck and back pain that gets better throughout the day is a sign that you need a new mattress or that you are sleeping on a mattress that is the wrong firmness for your body.

4. Other places feel more comfortable
If you find yourself going into another bedroom to sleep or prefer the couch to your bed, this is a fairly good indication that you should consider buying a new mattress. Same goes if you find that you are sleeping better on a hotel mattress when you go away on vacation. Your mattress should be comfortable and supportive. It should give your body a rest and some time to relax and fully recover. Struggling to fall asleep at night is often the result of discomfort; studies show that by simply replacing an old mattress you can improve the quality and quantity of your sleep.

5. Your spring mattress squeaks or your box spring creaks
The ability of your mattress to provide support can be greatly affected by what supports your mattress. If you feel like your mattress is in fairly good condition but that something is off, consider checking your bed’s foundation (box spring) and the frame that it’s sitting on. Broken or worn box springs can affect a mattress’s comfort and support, and in a similar way a frame, without a centre support, may cause even a new mattress to sag in the centre.

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