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14 Jan 2020, 12:28 PM

Why Storage Is Important

Storage is often a key aspect of any bedroom and it seems that all the drawers and wardrobes fill up with clothing almost by themselves! You take your eye away from the empty wardrobe for just a second and *poof* a fully stocked wardrobe with tops and shirts you swear you haven’t seen before. Well a way to ease your current or inevitable storage issues, is to turn your bed into a storage haven! We have put together a handy guide and FAQ on what storage options that are available and what are these options called and how they can have a practical and positive impact on your bedroom and your bed!

Storage Types

Now, beds come with storage in a few ways in this section we will bust the jargon and break the mystery behind the buzz words of the bed industry.


2 Drawers:

Drawers can come in multiple varieties the most common variation is your standard 2 drawer bed. Not even this variation has options, foot-end (end of the bed), head-end (closer to the headboard) and same side drawers. Each of these options offer not just storage options, but; they also allow you fit the bed around the size of the room, freeing up space and increasing comfort!

4 Drawers:

Now if you need not just 2 drawers but 4, you are in luck! The option of having 4 drawers is a very common one as it doubles the storage space that is available in comparison to its 2 drawer counterparts. The items you can store are only limited to what you can imagine, but these drawers are ideal locations for bedding, clothing, pillows, electronics the list goes on and on.

2 Drawer + Continental Drawers:

You are wanting a 4 drawer bed, but you have bedside tables and you don’t want to get rid or move them due to reasons such as room size. Well once again we have you covered, here at Linthorpe Beds we offer the option of 2 drawer + Continental drawers, now I hear you say “What on earth is continental draw?” Well a continental drawer isn’t the size of a continent we can assure you, but it’s actually a smaller draw, designed to fit around bedside tables or fitted furniture.

Ottoman Bases

Here at Linthorpe Beds we have a varied selection of ottoman beds on offer, below we will list the many types and options we have available. If you wish to learn more about the ottoman bed such as its history and common misconceptions click here for more information.

Half Ottoman:

Starting off our journey into all things ottomans is the half ottoman, neatly tucked away at the foot end of the bed is a handle. Simply lift up the handle to reveal the superb storage space beneath. This style of ottoman is particularly handy if your bed has limited or restricted space where the head end is located. Click here to view our range of half ottoman beds.

Half Ottoman + Conti Drawers:

Moving on from half ottoman but not to far is the half ottoman with continental drawers. This addition simply adds two continental drawers for that little boost in storage capabilities. If you wish to view our range of half ottoman with continental drawers click here.

Half Ottoman + 2 Drawers:

And finally, the half ottoman can also come with two full sized drawers. If you wish to view our range of half ottoman with 2 drawers click here.

Ottoman Bed:

Need a monumental boost in storage? Are you struggling to find a space for the bedding, extra pillows or duvet? Or perhaps you have a child and need a stylish and convenient way to store all their toys and gadgets? Well the answer to that question is the king of bed-based storage, the full ottoman bed.

Coming in end opening (opening from the foot end) and side lift (opening from the side of the bed) you are sure to find an ottoman bed that fits your exact needs. If you wish to view our range of ottoman beds, click here.

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