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Umarah Hussain author/umarah-hussain
13 Jan 2021, 11:17 AM

Making Your Bed

Research suggests that making a bed can tell a lot about people to others. The studies have found that bed-makers can be confident, early risers, hygienic, high maintenance and sociable. All of this is contrast to those that fail to make their beds. Here’s more reasons to make your bed.

Why You Shouldn't Make it First Thing

Typically, we’re told to make our beds bright and early as soon as we’re up and ready for the waking day. However, some experts suggest that it’s not a good idea to make your bed first thing as it could trap dust mites that have built up overnight. If you make the bed right away, your bed will most likely become a breeding ground for germs that could potentially cause allergic reactions.

During the night, we sweat a significant amount and shed skin (dead skin cells), which plays into the hands of creepy crawlies that love damp and humid surfaces. It’s important to roll covers back throughout the seasons and allow your linens to breathe. This then exposes mites to air, sunlight and dryness, which will cause them to dehydrate and subsequently die.

How To Make Your Bed

It might sound really straightforward, however there are many ways to make your bed look inviting. By embracing the art of making a bed in the way hotels do, you’ll never want to leave! Here’s how to replicate it:

Protect The Covers and Mattress

Step 1 is fairly straightforward however quite underrated by many homeowners. By protecting a mattress from spillages, wear and tear and other damage will allow you to improve its longevity. This will also deter you from having to constantly maintain its upkeep as damp areas can cause allergens. What’s more, a mattress protector and pillow protectors can also help prolong its life as the fabric would help to stop allergens from settling into it.

Laying Sheets

We recommend laying two sheets atop the mattress (topper). The first fabric should be faced downwards, so the dull side faces the mattress, meaning the pattern will be displayed once you remove the top and bring the former to the top. Note: the top sheet should also be fitted (unless you’re going for a really chic look and rather opt for a flat sheet in which you should leave the corners hanging). Centre the top sheets and turn the corners into the edges.

Fitting The Duvet

The duvet is the most visible part of a bed, so it’s vital to choose a cover that really speaks to you and your bedroom. Opting for a duvet is a crucial element of complementing your bed as not only will it be aesthetically appealing, but it will protect it the way a mattress or pillow protector would.

The way in which you should fit a duvet cover to a duvet is simply by laying the duvet cover flat and inside out. The duver on top, start with entering your arms into the cover and finding the rear corners of it and begin turning it inside out. Once done, hold the two ends of the duvet and transfer the duvet cover from your hands to the duvet. The duvet will then begin looking like the Burrito technique. Then simply zip, button or flip as necessary.

Moreover, you can give your duvet a really layered look by folding down the top sheet. Or if you like rustic designs, try crinkling your sheets. Want to give off the fluffy look? Simply place two duvet inserts within the cover and this will ooze fluffy-looking fun to give you extra comfort.

Popping on the Pillows

Similar to duvet sheets, pillows can be arranged in a way that really speaks to you. You could add the pillows you use whilst sleeping to the bed first and then complete the look with some pillows that are used for aesthetic purposes (which could also be used to provide extra support if you like to read in bed or watch TV).

Depending on the look you’re going for, decorating a bed with more pillows and throw pillows will really make your bed stand out from the crowd. You can shop decorative pillows in square, rectangle, plain and much more. If for some reason they begin to get cumbersome, simply re-arrange your pillows for a completely different look.

The Extras: Blankets

We’re not all the same. Not everyone enjoys sleeping within duvets, some much prefer sheets and blankets. Blankets are useful as they seal in heat, and when the temperature begins to rise, you can remove a blanket and release the warmth. Whilst duvets are practical and easy to tidy, blankets can be quite appealing to the eye and have a sense of foreign in them, a sense of being pictured in meditteranian city populated by sunlight and warm waters to wake up under a blanket. A con however, is that they’re high maintenance, meaning you have to fiddle around with them more than you would a duvet (a lot of people might be too impatient for that!).

How To Improve The Look of the Bed

A bed is the centrepiece of all bedrooms, and so should look good and feel good to be in. Here are a few tips on how to improve the look of your own bed.

Use Egyptian Cotton

Good quality linens are extremely vital as they’re both light and breathable. They should have a thread count of around 300 (consensus is that the higher the thread count, the softer the linen will be). The quality of the fibre and wave are also very important, if not more, so ensure you take all three into consideration when buying new linens for your bed.

Opt For an Upholstered Headboard

Headboards inject a lot of style and sophistication into a bedroom if chosen correctly. They really give you a chance for a bed to emanate serious luxuriousness and character. We offer contemporary, panelled, metal and many other types of headboards. From chenille to crushed velvet, whatever your choice, always take into account that the bed is the centrepiece of the bedroom and must look good. To find out more about the range of headboards we offer, head over to our headboards page.

When it comes to making a bed, usually a hotel bed would spring to mind as they tend to have an exceptional reputation for a great night’s sleep. Thus, by pulling out all the stops and making a bed as presentable and comfortable as possible, you’ll be able to make the bed of your dreams (and lie in it!).

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