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Umarah Hussain
12 Feb 2021, 3:08 PM

Rearrange Your Furniture

After being stuck inside for almost a year, it’s only normal that we get tired of our living space and want to spruce it up. Whether you’re unhappy with your furnishings or they’ve become unsuitable for use, here are some great ways you can rejuvenate and bring to life the most in-use corners of your bedroom.

Sprucing up your home doesn’t have to be complicated, it can be as simple as hanging up a new plant to give your bedroom a pop of colour, or switching up the wallpaper in the room. It’s definitely worth the change to cosy up the four walls you’re stuck having to look at day in, day out. One of the most obvious parts (yet essential) is the bedding. Got a quality mattress? If not, it may be time to start searching for one. If you’re looking to spend some quality time on your own this weekend, it really comes down to some good linen. Whether you’re a lover of blues, creams, greys or vibrant hues, be sure to make it soft so you can sink in with total comfort.

Low on budget? If you’ve got plenty of space in your bedroom, why not switch things around? A radical change to your room can psychologically make you want to spend more time in it, bringing you comfort when you need it the most. Try switching around your bed to the other side of the room and adding some inexpensive vases on either end of the bedside table. This will make you space more friendly, opening up a different side of your bedroom.

Add Lots of Mirrors

Got some spare furniture funds? Not only will you catch a glimpse of your beautiful self more often, but you’ll have those areas that are quite dull in your room, come to life with light. The more mirrors you opt for, the more light will bounce around in the bedroom, which actually makes any living space look even bigger. Don’t take our word for it though, try it out yourself.

Bring In Plants

Bring the outside in with some gorgeous plants to add a dash of colour to light and bright bedrooms. The smallest bit of green can actually make a world of difference to the aesthetics of any room. What’s more is that having to care for these little plants will push more oxygen around your room, so overall, plants are definitely a must if you’re sprucing up without spending too much.

Opt For Extra Large Duvets

Having a world of trouble trying to stay warm overnight as your duvet is too short? A lot of people actually struggle keeping their entire body wrapped up in their duvets with their feet covered. The Big Little Duvet Company offers extra large duvets (that can be used on one single bed or two on a king size bed) with superior length and width to keep your toes, sides and your back from freezing over at night. You can check out their huge range of lovely duvet covers, pillow covers and more on their website.

Change Up Your Lighting

Having lighting overhead is great unless it’s your only light source and you want to sit upright in bed and read a book without the blinding shine from above. Why not opt for a table lamp or a floor lamp that allows light to come from different heights around your room? You could even opt for a candle to put you in a calming mood whilst making the living space smell amazing.

Accessorize Empty Spaces

Got some surface area you can play around with? It’s always fun to add a few decorative pieces to add more depth to a bedroom. Why not purchase yourself a small glass table and pop a vase with some flowers, a few season-to-season magazines and other trinkets to truly make your bedroom shine? This can of course be changed around and items can be removed, replaced or rejuvenated depending on the look you’re after.

Add Throw Pillows

If you’ve got chairs in your living space, it may be a good idea to add throw pillows on it. A simple old chair can go from being dark and cold to really inviting with a comfy pillow. If you’ve got lots of space in your room, pillows can literally be added anywhere, from the floor, chairs to a bed. They can be shopped in an array of patterns and designs depending on the mood of the bedroom.

So there you have it, a whole new bedroom without spending a fortune. You won’t notice the difference it makes to your life until it’s actually done and you’re living in a space that’s more light, bright and comfy to sleep and laze around in. Be sure to add a pop of colour around the rest of your home too, to really bring to life your living area.

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