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Liam Hollinshead author/liam-hollinshead
8 Nov 2019, 3:20 PM

What is an Ottoman Bed?

Ottoman beds can come in two ways, either as a bed frame or divan bed that lifts up with the assistance of two gas-lift struts that when activated, lift up the top of the base to reveal a haven of storage space underneath. Perfect for storing clothing, bedding and a whole cavalcade of options. Ottoman beds are a ingenious solution to confined sleeping spaces as with the additional option of either having a side lift (meaning that the ottoman would open from the side of the bed, ideal for bedrooms that are long but not wide, forcing you to have the bed up against the wall) or end lift (this means that the ottoman opens from the foot of the bed).

Why Get an Ottoman Bed?

We have all been their splayed out over the floor reaching desperately underneath the bed, for something that is just out reach. Mocking you with every single attempt that you make, as you struggle and strain to reach it. Well this compromising position can be avoided entirely with an ottoman bed! No more will this unfortunate situation blight your life, as if and when you require an item you simply lift the ottoman lid up to grab it with ease.

How Do Ottoman Beds Work?

As previously mentioned, Ottoman beds are fitted with hydraulic gas struts that lifts up the base towards the ceiling, revealing the storage space beneath. Now you may be thinking to yourself “But what keeps the lid down?” well keeping the down is the mattress that is resting on top of the base. When you close the ottoman the mattresses weight keeps the lid firmly held down.

Types of Ottoman Beds?

Ottoman beds come in two varieties, side lift and end lift. Side Lift: Side lift ottoman beds are an ideal option if the room is restricted or you can only access the bed from one side. Having a side lift ottoman in these tight spaces enhances not only your storage space but will make the room feel larger than it actually is! End Lift Ottoman End Lift Ottomans come in two variations, either as a half ottoman that is a great middle ground between drawers and ottoman storage as its usually the case that it includes both drawers and ottoman storage! The second variation of the end lift ottoman is the more common traditional ottoman, this style allows full use of the expanse of storage that a bed base offer.

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Benefits of an Ottoman Bed

When clothes are piling up at the foot of your wardrobe, slowly climbing up the wall due to the wardrobe already bulging out at the seams. Or perhaps your home doesn’t have a storage space for you bed sheets, towels etc. an ottoman bed can solve these issues and more! The direct additional benefit from a bed like this is the storage. Having more space for all those clothes, towels and bed sheets will put your mind at ease making your bedroom a sleep sanctuary.

Limited Space, Limitless Potential

An often-overlooked gain from an ottoman bed is the fact that if you have a condensed room, just enough space for a bed, but not enough for anything else. Installing a bed of this irk is the best of both worlds. You have a bed that can be used for not only sleeping but can lifted up to reveal a pleather of storage. Oh, and it’s also devilishly stylish to boot!

Ottoman Bed Styles

Ottoman beds are available in either a bed frame or a divan style, here at Linthorpe Beds we have a huge range of stylish ottoman bed frames and many are available for next day delivery from leading industry brands such as Kaydian, Emporia and Julian Bowen. We have ottoman beds available in various upholstery and numerous furniture styles such as chesterfield, sleigh and contemporary.

History of the Ottoman

The term ottoman is not exactly recent, it first came to prominence towards the end of the 18th century when funnily enough the Ottoman Empire were knocking about going around invading and bringing furniture along with them. When the empire made its way into mainland Europe, the French coined the term “ottomane”. Now ottoman furniture wasn’t exactly the space saving wonder that the furniture style is today. No ottomans were once huge, sprawling seating areas that surrounds a room and to top things off, piles of cushions would be placed on top for that added luxury. Time moved on and so did the ottoman eventually become smaller and smaller just like mobile phones. The once room encompassing ottoman seating area became a neat and tidy piece of furniture situated in the corner of the room standing proudly willing to receive any behind that may rest upon it. Ottoman furniture has dramatically evolved over the centuries, becoming the amazing storage unit that it is today. This type of furniture has grown in popularity, this may be related to the layouts of homes and apartments being built today or possibly because today we accumulate far more than our 18th century counterparts.

Common Misconceptions

Now ottoman beds can be called numerous things and can be described in many ways here a just a few examples:


Lift up divan and lift up bed frame:

Now this is true you can get a divan bed that does lift up but this is normally called a ottoman divan, now it is possible you could acquire of divan set that can be lifted up from the ground but that would require a very complex system that could physically lift the bed and it would be very expensive.


What Is a Gas Lift Bed?

Ottoman beds uses a gas strut mechanism that lifts the top of the bed to expose the storage hidden within.


Divan Lift Up Storage Bed:

This is another way of describing the functionality of a divan style ottoman bed, as yes you lift the top of the ottoman divan base to access the storage beneath.

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