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22 Oct 2019, 2:21 PM


Improved Quality of Sleep

When you change your mattress, you will almost instantly notice a dramatic improvement in comfort and support. This is because all mattresses have a lifespan and over this lifespan, they take a beating; as the average UK male weighs 13 stone 3lbs and the average UK female weighs 11 stone, your mattress has to accommodate this weight (on average) every night, seven days a week. Even if the outside of the mattress looks fine, if you were to take a look inside you would see that the spring system or foam, would be out of bent out of shape in some areas of the mattress. These warped areas lead to sleep disturbing discomfort ruining the restorative nature of sleep.

Improved Hygiene

Humans lose about half a pint of liquid while we sleep and shed an astonishing half a pound of dead skin cells each year! Now over time this becomes an ideal environment for bacteria and mould to grow. Not only that but dust mites love these conditions and they can produce allergens that can quickly build up, thus creating an unhealthy sleep environment that can not only affect your sleep but your health. This can cause irritation, itchiness and other germ ridden infections to rise up and battle against your skin.

What are the obvious signs that it’s time to replace your mattress?

If you have had your mattress for over 5 years and it still provides you with the same level of comfort, in this section we will go over these tell-tale signs. So next time you change your bed sheets just cast your eyes over your mattress and If you notice any of these signs, it might indicate that your mattress might possibly be past it’s prime.

Wear & Tear

When you change your bed, sheets take notice of the surface of the mattress as simply scanning the surface of the mattress can tell a story. If your mattress makes noise when your lay upon it (creaks or groans) these are the warning signs of a mattress on the way out. If your mattress is showing visible dipping or lumps where you sleep, these are the blatant signs of a mattress that needs replacing.

Waking Up Sore

If you are waking up sore after a night’s sleep this is a classic sign of a mattress past its prime, if this is a common occurrence when sleeping on your mattress, it is time to consider replacing your mattress. A mattress past it’s prime isn’t offering the optimal support to high pressure areas on your body. Supporting these areas (hips, shoulders and lumbar) is essential to a good night’s sleep, without the proper support you will arise from your slumber with those ever so familiar aches and pains, grouchy and irritable.

Change of Circumstance

Now time never stops. We all age, our bodies change and situations change, thus impacting our needs. At the beginning you might opt for a softer tension from your mattress, sinking into it’s comfort like it was a cloud of marshmallows. But while we grow older, a firmer mattress is typically the mattress of choice as they offer greater support for your joints and spine and those ever so important key pressure areas. Investing in a new mattress may come across as, scary or confusing but it couldn’t be easier to buy a new mattress. If you need assistance with finding a new mattress feel free to use our handy guide or simply head into one of our three stores for expert advice on how and when to replace your mattress.

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