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Cassie Cooper
7 Oct 2022, 11:03 AM

What are zip and link mattresses?

It’s not totally self-explanatory but there is a clue in its name. Fundamentally they’re two separate mattresses that can be joined together with a zip to create one larger mattress. These zips are usually placed near the base and top of the mattresses to ensure they’re extra secure.

How do zip and link mattresses work?

A zip and link bed refers to two individual bed bases that can be locked together to form one larger base, paired with two individual mattresses that can zip together to form one larger, comfortable bed. This creates two seamless sleeping solutions that are flexible and can be adapted to whoever is using them.

What sizes do zip and links come in?

Here in the UK there are 3 main zip and link bed sizes. However, you can get completely custom sizes made to your requirements if need be.

  • King size ziplink (5’0 x 6’6) – Comprising of 2 x 2’6″ x 6’6″ beds makes a standard Kingsize.
  • Super king ziplink (6’0 x 6’6) – Comprising of 2 x 3’0 x 6’6″ beds makes a standard Super Kingsize.
  • Extra king ziplink (6’0 x 6’3) – Comprising of 2 x 3’0″ x 6’3″ beds is equivalent to 2 standard single sized beds.

What are the benefits of a zip and link mattress?

Each side of the bed is entirely independent of each other, thereby totally eliminating ‘roll together’. It’s also an ideal solution for users of significantly differing body weights. One-half can utilise a firm tension spring, for example, and the other half can be soft tension spring.

Do you feel the zippers?

You may be wondering if you feel the zips on a zip and link bed, and the answer is no. The zippers are situated on the sides at the top of the mattress and the bottom of the mattress to enable the mattresses to be joined together. They are manufactured so that the zippers are just beneath the seam on the edge of the mattress. When together, the seams fold over the zipper. Zips are conveniently placed on the sides of the mattresses where they both meet, so you won’t be disturbed by an uncomfortable zip awkwardly placed on the surface. At the end of the day, mattresses are designed with comfort in mind.

Do you notice the join in the mattress?

You will be aware of is the noticeable join of two mattresses butted together however this doesn’t make a difference in comfort levels.

Would a mattress topper help?

The use of a one-piece topper will help to provide additional comfort/protection.

Do I need a specialist bed base to use a zip and link mattress?

A king size zip and link mattress may not be able to fit onto a standard king size frame as it could be too small due to extra fabric around each of the two mattresses rather than the one. Practically speaking purchasing both a zip and link mattress and divan base gives you the option of one king/super king size bed or two small single/single size beds for when company stays over, be that a couple or not. And best of all because you have a zip and link mattress and base you only need to unzip the link and push the beds apart, no need for extra bed bases or having to move the mattresses.

What about headboards?

Remember, when selecting your headboards for zip links you will need 2 x singles (or 2 x 2’6 for King zip and link) in order that the beds can be separated without removing the headboard. If you go for a one-piece headboard then it will have to be removed when you separate the beds. Also be aware of the design. When the beds are together the headboard has to look like one piece, so the sides that butt up together should be vertical; no fancy shapes or protrusions (metal headboards).

Do Hypnos/Sealy/Sleepeezee make zip and link mattresses?

Almost all of our manufacturers make zip and link mattresses with Sealy making the Waltham Latex Mattress. This mattress contains the companies patented PostureTech® spring system, a layer of natural latex and hypoallergenic properties for a sound sleep. A few options for zip and link mattresses are available on our website. Many manufacturers sell zip and link mattresses and there are lots of options available to personalise them.

What is the cheapest zip and link mattress you sell?

Everyone has a different budget in mind so it’s always good to look at what is available depending on price range.

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