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Backcare Collection

Sleepeezee Backcare Mattresses & Backcare Collection Beds

The Sleepeezee Backcare Collection is designed for an unrivalled level of orthopaedic support and comfort. Each of the Sleepeezee Backcare Mattresses feature their individually pocketed springs, tuned to offer firm pressure against the shoulders, lower lumbar and hips. As with all Sleepeezee mattresses, the spring units ensure that your spine is correctly aligned whether you sleep on your back, or on you side.

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Backcare Collection

Sleepeezee Backcare Review

Designed for Superior Back Support

Most people simply aren't aware of just how important their back is; that is, until it's too late. Running the length of your back is the spine, contructed from separate bones called vertebrae. These link together and their ability to support your body, along with their ability to move comfortably, determine how healthy your back is as well as your overall flexibility. As the spine is the literal backbone of your skeleton, the health of your back is very much reflected in your posture.

This is where Sleepeezee's Backcare Range comes in, whether you're opting for the entry level Backcare Deluxe, a firm favourite like the Backcare Extreme or Sleepeezee's Backcare Ultimate 2000 Mattress. Each Backcare mattress is firm, but the pocket springs allow the products to acomodate the natural curvature and flexibility of your spine. This all comes down to the unique way in which Sleepeezee's pocket spring systems work.

Sleepeezee Backcare Pocket Springs

Each spring in a Backcare mattress is a separate entity to the next, each wrapped in its own fabric sleeve, which are in turn sewn (or crimped) together. This allows each spring to act independently and thus support your back with pin point accuracy. Areas of your body that are heavier will cause the springs to depress further, whilst places like the lower lumber which are concave in shape, are supported by the shape of the extended springs. No-one's back is perfectly flat, so it makes absolute sense that a well designed mattress can acomodate to this and react to your movements as well.

Back Care & Pressure Relief

The pocket springs in the Backcare Range mattresses are also kind to your muscles. The way that they work enables your body weight to be distributed evenly, which in turn relieves pressure points and promotes healthy blood circulation. Upon waking in the morning, you'll feel much more refreshed, and any aches and pains will have been alleviated.

Sleepeezee Backcare Mattresses

    • Backcare Deluxe Mattress - The entry level mattress in the range, containing 1000 pocket springs & tufts for durability.
    • Backcare Extreme Mattress - A firm favourite in the Backcare Collection, the Backcare Extreme has 1000 pocketed springs, 2 rows of side stitching & a Belgian damask cover.
    • Backcare Superior Mattress - 1000 pocket springs, a luxurious pillow top & 4 rows of side stitching.
    • Backcare Luxury Mattress - 1400 pocket springs, natural wool & silk fillings, 3 rows of side stitching.
    • Backcare Ultrafirm Mattress - 1600 pocket springs, natural cotton fillings, 3 rows of side stitching, and an extra firm level of tension.
    • Backcare Ultimate Mattress - 2000 pocket springs, natural wool & cashmere, 4 rows of side stitching. A masterpiece of sleep technology!

Don't forget that every Backcare Mattress comes with a 5 Year Guarantee, extended to 7 Years if bought as part of a Divan Set.

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