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Sleepeezee Memory Comfort 800 Pocket Mattress
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Sleepeezee Memory Comfort 800 Pocket Mattress

Our Price £349.00 inc. VAT
Pocket Springs (800)
Memory Foam
27cm / 10½" Depth
Medium Tension
10 Year Guarantee
Non Turn Mattress
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Our Price £349.00 inc. VAT
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The Memory Comfort 800 Mattress combines two tried and tested technologies to reassuringly offer the responsive qualities needed for a great night's sleep. Memory foam gently moulds to the shape of your curves as you lie upon it, creating an impression of your back and providing comfort to each and every part of it; able to regain its shape once pressure is removed. The 800 pocketed springs can move independently from each other, further carrying the ethos of memory foam, but extending it to the back support offered at the core.

Everything is tied up within a soft and breathable knitted cover, allowing the easy care (non-flip) Memory Comfort, to carry an overall medium tension.

Note the subtle but important finishing touches that Sleepeezee has included, such as the air-vents to help keep the fillings fresh, and the turning handles to allow with top-to-tail rotation.

 Single  90cm x 190cm  3'0" x 6'3"
 Small Double  120cm x 190cm  4'0" x 6'3"
 Double  135cm x 190cm  4'6" x 6'3"
 King  150cm x 200cm  5'0" x 6'6"
 Super King  180cm x 200cm  6'0" x 6'6"
Non Turn
Delivery Speed
Mattress Core
Pocket Springs
Mattress Fillings
Memory Foam
Mattress Cover
Quilted Stretch Fabric
Mattress Depth
Core Specification
800 Pocket Springs
Mattress Tension
Fillings Specification
Memory Foam & Polyester
10 Year Guarantee
Measured Depth Approx.
27cm / 10½ inches Deep
800 Individually Pocketed Springs

Individually Pocketed Springs

Able to move independently from the one next to it, each spring within a pocket spring system is housed within its own fabric sleeve, meaning that it only contracts in accordance with the pressure placed directly upon it. In practice this allows the surface of the mattress to match the shape of your body as you lie upon it, whether you lay on your back or your side, effortlessly adjusting with your own movements. This Memory Comfort Mattress features an 800 count pocket spring system.

Body Moulding Memory Foam

Memory Foam

Also known as visco elastic, memory foam was originally designed by NASA to reduce the pressure placed on the body when subjected to g-force. Although this isn’t usually a problem at home, those same body moulding properties are able to provide comfort and support which is difficult to match with other materials. Responding to pressure and heat, memory foam gently changes its shape to match the curves of your body, in a similar way to the pocket springs underneath. Where the springs work to support your bone structure, the visco foam keeps your muscles comfortable and relaxed, whilst promoting healthy blood circulation. The increased flow of oxygenated blood makes you feel more energised in the morning and ready for the day ahead.

Breathable Cover

Knitted Stretch Fabric Cover

The mattress is wrapped up within a breathable stretch-fabric cover, not only working to help keep your body cool, but having the right level of give to allow the memory foam to get to work.

Prevents Roll Together

No Roll Together

The pocket spring core holds another benefit which is great for couples who share the bed. As pressure is effectively localised to just the springs being laid on, the springs between partners stay fully contracted, preventing them from accidentally rolling together.

Relieves Pressure Points

Relieves Pressure

By distributing your body weight evenly across the mattress, this means that the heavier parts of your body do not actually feel any additional pressure when compared to the lighter parts. This is the definition of true support, which not only enables your spine to keep correctly aligned (when laid on your back or side), but the maximised contact between your body and the mattress prevents aches and pains from developing.

9½ Inches Deep

24cm Depth

At 9½ inches in depth, this equates to roughly 24cm.

No Need to Flip Over


Sleepeezee have designed the Memory Comfort 800 as a single sided mattress, meaning that it does not need to be flipped over, but rather just rotated top-to-tail in terms of maintenance. This process should be done regularly to extend the products lifespan.

Handles on the Mattress Border

Turning Handles

The mattress features handles along the sides, which are there to help you when rotating the product. To ensure strength and durability, they have been ‘flag stitched’ into place.

Full Guaratee - 10 Years

10 Year Guarantee

Confidently backed with a full 10 year guarantee, for peace of mind as well as peace of body.

Made in the UK

UK Made

Sleepeezee proudly produce this mattress in their factory based in Kent.

Low Hazard Fire Classification

Fire Resistant

Classified as Low Hazard (BS7177 standard), this mattress is cleared for domestic use.

Approved by the National Bed Federation

NBF Approved

The National Bed Federation approve only the supplier whom uphold their strict code of conduct, ensuring that both quality processes and ethical considerations are followed.

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Sleepeezee Memory Comfort 800 Pocket Mattress

Sleepeezee Memory Comfort 800 Pocket Mattress
Product isn't rated yet.
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