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Memory Technology Collection

Sleepeezee Memory Technology Mattresses & Divan Sets

The Sleepeezee Memory Technology Collection combines their superior Pocket Spring systems with the tried and tested benefits of Memory Foam. The two technologies work in harmony, with the pocketed springs providing support to your back, whilst the memory foam actively adapts to soothe your muscles in comfort.

If you would like to browse our full range of Sleepeezee Mattresses or Divan Sets (Mattress & Base), jump to the relevant section below:

Memory Technology Collection

Sleepeezee Memory Comfort Review

Memory Technology

Memory Foam (also known as visco elastic foam) was originally developed by NASA, to help offset the effects of g-force on the human body. Within Sleepeezee's Memory Comfort mattresses (and Cool Sensations), a deep memory foam layer sits just below the surface, which slowly shapes itself to your body as you lie on it. You'll feel yourself physically sink into it slightly, with the memory foam seemingly 'hugging' your curves in the process. It reduces movement during sleep, which means you'll feel more rested upon waking. The way that these Memory Comfort mattresses support you, also promote healthy blood circulation.

Sleepeezee Memory & Pocket Springs

Sleepeezee's Memory Comfort and Cool Sensations mattresses don't rely on memory foam alone. At the heart of every Memory Technology mattress rests an individually pocketed spring system, which works in perfect harmony with the visco elastic layer. Pocket springs allow the firmness of the system to support you with more pressure, exactly where it is needed. Heavier parts of the body such as the hips and shoulders, cause the springs in that area to depress further and therefore provide a greater upwards force in return. No-one's body is flat, so it makes sense that a supportive mattress can follow your contours as you sleep. Whether you sleep on your back, or on your side, it doesn't matter. The Cool Sensations and Memory Comfort mattresses will keep your spine correctly aligned, in whichever position you choose to sleep.

Sleepeezee Memory Technology Mattresses

    • Memory Comfort 800 Mattress - This is the entry level product in the Memory Technology Collection, featuring 800 pocket springs and memory foam.
    • Memory Comfort 1000 Mattress - With 1000 pocket springs beneather the memory foam, it offers an upgrade over the previous mattress and a slightly firmer feel.
    • Cool Sensations 1400 Mattress - 1400 pocket springs, a deeper layer of visco elastic foam & 4 rows of side stitching to reinforce the border.
    • Cool Sensations 2000 Mattress - A generous spring count with 2000 pocketed springs, enabling a far greater accuracy to the way the system supports your body weight and shape. The spring system works in perfect harmony with the memory foam and the Sleepeezee Cool Sensations 2000 proudly sits at the top of the range.

Don't forget that every Memory Technology mattress comes with a 5 Year Guarantee, extended to 7 Years if bought as part of a Divan Set.

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