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Made to Measure Divan Set

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W 5'6" 168cm x L 6'0" 183cm
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Chrome Glides

It's important to consider what your base is going to stand upon, all good beds start with a great foundation and your odd size or shorty bed is no different.
Chrome Glides are ideal if the bed will be situated in a room with laminate flooring or a shallow carpet. Glides can be described as practical solution, with the chrome finish adding an element of class to the divan base.

Plastic Castor Wheel (Swivel)

A Plastic Castor Wheel (also known as a Swivel Wheel) can rotate 360 degrees. Each wheel is made from plastic and is a popular choice amongst many manufacturers from various industries.
Apart from beds it's used widely for furniture, office chairs, hand trolleys, shopping carts, appliances, medical equipment and other kinds of industrial equipment. Choosing a swivel wheel for your odd size bed can be a great choice if you plan on moving it around a lot, for example when changing the layout of your bedroom or for cleaning purposes. It is best suited to carpeted floors, as opposed to hardwood or laminate.

Castors or Glides?

Looking for something different?

If you're interested in adding some extra storage space to a bedroom why not consider our shorty and odd size ottoman storage beds?

Perfect for storing books, clothing, shoes, bags and accessories in a dust free and secure environment!

Click Here to view the Custom Size Ottoman Bed page!

Why not opt for a Custom Size Ottoman Bed

Optional Matching Headboard

To complete your Special Size Divan Set you can now add an optional matching headboard!

Sometimes when people buy custom beds it can be a real pain to source a headboard which will complement and transform your bedroom environment. Some can be either too big or too small and this can ruin the overall effect you're attempting to achieve.

After you have selected the style and size of your bed, you will be directed to the product page, where you can simply add an optional headboard to your order. It's as easy as 1.. 2.. 3..

Optional Regent Headboard


You may have plenty of space for a standard size bed in the desired room, but getting it there may prove trickier than you thought. It's always a good idea to measure locations along the route, if you suspect there may be an issue. This is especially true if the desired room has never had a bed in it before, such a a recent loft conversion.

Our Custom Size Divan Bases come in 1 part in sizes up to 3'3" in width. Sizes 3'6" and over will come in 2 parts. You can opt for an additional split, making the base come in 4 parts instead. Quartered Divan Bases are a great solution for access limitations.

Be sure to measure your corridoors, doorways, stairways and ceiling hatches. Take note of the divan depth as well as width and length.

Tip: Most retailers will not allow you to return a bed on the basis that it doesn't fit your room, or if there are issues physically getting it to the room in the first place. If you live in an old cottage or dormer, a Made to Measure Bed might be what you need!

Awkward Staircase?

Points to Remember...

  • Various colour options available
  • Great for awkward hallways, stairs and doorways
  • Excellent for Static Caravans
  • Good for tall people who need extra room
  • Shorty Beds are ideal if space is limited
  • Custom Product - Built to your specification
  • First Class Service
Custom Size Beds for Static Caravans

The smaller bedrooms in a static caravan tend to be built in and only require a Special Size Mattress. However, the master bedroom often has a basic bedstead frame and mattress which can easily be replaced once they become worn, or if you are looking for something of a higher quality.

Many caravans allow a 4'6" double or even a 5'0" king size bed in regard to the width, but actually need at least 3 inches to come off the standard length. This can be due to the dimensions of the room, or even due to access restrictions.

An Odd Size Bed would be ideal, to ensure that whilst you're in your home-away-from-home you'll have a fantastic nights sleep. Order your Shorty Bed today!

Many caravan site managers are used to receiving deliveries on behalf of residents. Be sure to speak with them to make arrangements, if you may have an issue being present for yours.

Short Length Beds for Box Rooms

You may have a 'box room' in your house, used either as a childs bedroom, or a guest room for when friends or family are staying over.

For a childs room, it can be difficult trying to squeeze in a full 3'0" single bed along with furniture and storage for toys etc. A Made to Measure Bed would allow you to save a little bit of space on the length and width - a great solution while they are still growing.

If you use your box room primarily for guests, your issue might be that a 3ft single bed is too small for couples, but you don't quite have the space to fit a standard 4'6" double bed. A Special Size Bed would ensure you can maximise your guests comfort, even where space is at a premium.

There are also multiple storage options available too. This can reduce the need for furniture, thus saving you even more space. Our Odd Size Beds are fully customisable. Choose what sort of drawers you require, the base colour and even what sort of feet it should have.

Extra Length Beds for Tall People

Unless your current bed is Made to Measure, it may not be long enough for you.

The standard length for single and double beds is 6'3". King size beds and super king size beds come as 6'6" long as standard.

In the modern world it's not uncommon for people to be taller than this, so you shouldn't have to settle for having your feet dangle off the end of the bed!

A Bespoke Bed, made to a Custom Length would be a wise choice.

Not only would this allow your body to be correctly supported and therefore allow a more comfortable sleep, but it would promote a healthier level of blood circulation, helping prevent any related conditions in your legs and feet.

Both our Odd Size Ottoman Beds and Longer Length Divan Sets would be ideal.

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We also sell Custom Size Mattresses

A Special Size Custom Built Bed, ordered today and delivered within a fortnight?
Sound too good to be true? Well here's how we do it:

Whether you order your Shorty Divan Set online or over the phone, once we have your specifications, the guys at the factory have them too. This ensures that your new bed can be made as soon as possible.

We're proud of our short lead times compared to our competitors and whether you need something quickly or not, Linthorpe Beds is the obvious choice!

Order your Bed Made to Measure Today!

There is no point in manufacturing great quality Odd Sized Divan Sets, if customers are left unhappy due to the delivery process.

We have numerous specialist Direct Home Delivery companies at our disposal, including Panther Logistics. Your new bed will be delivered to your room of choice by a specially trained 2 Man Team.

*3rd party deliveries may exclude weekends & bank holidays

To have Odd Size and Shorty Beds made to your specifications, on time and to a high quality, there are numerous factors which need to work in tandem. The raw materials such as timber, textiles, springs and fittings all need to be constantly flowing into the factory to keep up with demand.

We try to keep our costs down with bulk purchases and pass the savings on to our customers. Great products at a fair price!

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