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Made to Measure Mattress

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W 5'6" 168cm x L 6'0" 183cm
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Are the sizes in the grid not quite close enough? If you require any assistance or have a question you would like answering, please call us today on 01642 613684

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Sprung Mattresses can only be made to those sizes. However, Foam Mattresses can be made to more specific sizes. These mattresses can are ideal for a wide range of circumstances and situations, from caravans to trucks, boats, bespoke beds and more!

Ikea Beds

Many people still don't realise that IKEA sells continental size bed frames. They aren't compatable with standard UK mattresses. Need an IKEA size mattress for your IKEA bed?
You've come to the right place! Linthorpe Beds sells IKEA sized mattresses!

Homemade Beds & Cots

Is your bed or cot actually homemade?
If you own an antique bed chances are that it may not comply with modern standard sizes and it may have actually been homemade. There's nothing worse than buying a brand new mattress only to find that it does not fit.
Furthermore, many retailers do not accept this as grounds for the product to be returned. Before it comes to that, measure the space within your bed frame and choose the size from the grid to ensure a perfect fit.

Ikea Bed Frames

Box Rooms

If a standard size bed doesn't quite fit, a custom size mattress with an odd size bed will be what you need. If you already have a base and just need a mattress, choose from the grid.
If require a whole custom size divan set (mattress & base), we've also got you covered.

Click Here to view our Made to Measure Beds page. Local customers are entitled to free delivery, but a longer lead time may apply.

Bunk Beds

Don't assume that your bunk bed takes regular single mattresses. Although there are many which are designed for 3'0" standard single mattresses, a large number of them can only take a pair of 2'6" ones.

This is therefore quite a popular size for a special sized mattress. Make sure to measure both the width and length and choose a mattress with a suitable depth.

Shorty Bunk Bed

Tall People

As we all come in different shapes and sizes, sometimes an 'extra length bed' or 'longer mattress' is needed. If you need a custom length mattress, choose its size above. If you require a whole bed, make sure to visit our Special Size Divan Beds page.

If you are a little unsure of what to go for, either give us a ring on 01642 860040 or email us at sales@linthorpebeds.co.uk.

Standard single and double mattresses measure 6'3" in length, with king and super king measuring 6'6"

Custom Size Mattress with Tape Measure

Are You Looking For a Caravan Mattress?

Caravan Mattress: Whether you've got a static, camper or a tourer, you're likely aware that most caravans do not take standard size mattresses.
That's where we come in! Before you commit to a puchase with us there's some additional things to consider:

  • Mattress Depth - Make sure to choose a mattress which isn't too deep, especially if the caravan mattress is for a child's bed that has safety/guard rails Caravan Parks are used to accepting deliveries on behalf of residents. It won't matter if your not present for the delivery itself. Please speak to the site manager for advice.
  • Caravan Access - Can the mattress get into the desired room O.K? Most of the time you won't encounter a problem, but if you're concerned you could instead have a special size mattress made from foam. It will come vacuum pack rolled, making it much easier to navigate through your trailer or motor home.
  • Odd Shapes - In some instances, caravan beds (and certainly those on boats) require an irregular shaped mattress. If you can provide us with the exact dimensions, we can take these kinds of orders over the phone.

If you're all set and ready to buy your new Caravan Mattress, either phone us on 01642 860040 or choose your required size from the grid above - Delivery Next Day or choose a specific date if you're not quite ready yet.

Touring Caravan

Can't Find Your Brand? Special Size Mattresses can be used in most Caravans!

Simply measure your caravan mattress to find the correct size. If your mattress is an odd size call us for assistance!

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A Special Size Custom Built Mattress, ordered today for Next Day Delivery?
Sound too good to be true? Well here's how we do it:

State of The Art IT System

Our ordering system enables us to send the specifications of your mattress straight to the manufacturer without delay. It doesn't matter if your custom size mattress is ordered online or over the phone, no sooner do we have the length, width & style you desire, than our supplier does too! This enables your bespoke mattress to start being made as soon as humanly possible. Isn't technology brilliant?

2 Man Home Delivery Network

There's not much use in having your new bespoke mattress ordered and made this quickly, if you can't have it promptly delivered as well. In order to deliver on our promise of Next Day Delivery, we have numerous home delivery specialists at our disposal (including Panther Logistics). Order your custom size mattress before 10:30am and receive it tomorrow! Excluding weekends & bank holidays.

Excellent Working Relationships with Suppliers

In order for your custom size mattress to be made quickly enough for Next Day Delivery, we have specially hand picked a supplier which we know is up to the task. Understanding that teamwork is the key to ensuring deadlines can be met, whilst still providing high quality products, we can proudly say that we've built a strong working relationship that makes all of this a reality.

NEXT DAY DELIVERY On Selected Beds & Mattresses
Custom Size Beds & Mattresses Available
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