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Enhance Your Bedroom With A Storage Bed

When the wardrobes are bulging open and the drawers are a struggle to close, a storage bed is the solution to this crisis! Maximise the storage space within your bedroom with a sleek and stylish storage bed, perfect for clothes, shoes, pillows, bed sheets and so much more.

Storage Bed

Types Of Storage Bed

Don’t know your ottoman bed from you tv bed? Don’t worry we got you covered, use our guide below to find the best storage bed for you.



Ottoman beds give you the maximum amount of storage this makes it a perfect choice for those bedrooms that have little to no storage space, an additional benefit of this style of bed is that it is available in side and end lift. Ottoman beds are available as a bed frame and as a divan to match your bedrooms décor.

Ottoman Storage Beds

Storage Drawers

Storage drawers are traditionally featured more in divan beds rather than bed frames but having drawers in either your bed frame or divan is a great solution for tidying away clothing, bed sheets etc.

Tv Beds

Tv beds don’t just have the feature of being able to house a television within it, TV beds can also be ottoman bed frames. Not just making your bed an entertainment centre but a storage location for all those box-sets and movies to watch on a lazy Saturday morning!

Kids Storage Bed Frames

Now we all know children accumulate many things toy, books, clothes etc. So storage is at a premium, but luckily for you here at Linthorpe Beds we have vast range of kids storage bed frames that can solve the predicament of dwindling storage in your kids bedroom. From mid-sleepers to cabin beds, we have a bed frame to suit the needs of you and your child.

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