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The Benefits of purchasing a Custom Size Ottoman Storage Bed


A side opening mechanism is suitable for situations when you're limited on space or where a storage bed is going to be placed against a wall.

With two handles on the outer rim of the base, the mechanism lifts the mattress up as you pull to reveal the storage space underneath. These powerful struts keep the mattress in place, allowing you to use both hands when placing and retrieving possessions. 

Please Note: When a mattress is present, a side opening mechanism 'over-hangs' the edge of the bed frame by up to 3 inches when fully opened. 


An ottoman which features a foot end opening can be great if you plan on having the 'headboard edge' against a wall, or if you have bedroom furniture next to your bed (such as a chest of drawers or a bedside table).

A set of handles at the bottom of the base, allow you to open the bed up to access the storage compartment.

This style of opening mechanism gives the classic 'ottoman bed look'


A gas strut is a clever piston-like hinge that supports the base as you lift it up to reveal the storage area underneath, some manufacturers only feature two gas struts however our storage beds feature four gas struts for a complete supportive solution!

One thing you'll notice about gas struts is that they work smoothly, the end of the piston is designed so the fluid inside the cylinder (gas and liquid) can flow through or around it steadily.

If you're sitting on an office chair right now, there's probably a gas spring or strut underneath your body.

Release the height lever and you'll feel (and probably hear) the gas in the spring being compressed as the seat gently falls down, this is similar to our storage beds.

Optional Matching Headboard

To complete your custom size storage frame you can now buy an optional matching headboard!

For some people who order a custom size bed, it can be a real pain to find a headboard which matches the product perfectly. Some headboards can either be too big or too small and this may ruin the overall effect you're attempting to achieve.

The optional headboard will be the same colour which you have chosen for the storage bed frame. After you have selected the style and size of your bed you will be directed to the product page, from here you can select the optional headboard from the options panel.


When the base lifts up it reveals the perfect storage area, which is finished in a lovely wood effect.

This can be a great place to store books, clothing, shoes, handbags, bedding and other accessories. Why not store your items in a safe, dust free and clean environment under your bed!

The width and length of the storage area will obviously depend on the custom size ottoman you order, the depth is 10 inches tall in height.

Which Castors Do You Require?


Chrome glides are both stylish and practical. They're sturdy and can really transform the room the bed is situated in.

Chrome glides provide an option best suited to hardwood or laminate flooring - you don't want the bed moving around as you sleep.


A castor wheel is also known as a swivel wheel. It can rotate 360 degrees and is made from plastic. This type of castor can be a great choice if you're planning on moving the bed around, possibly for cleaning purposes.

Apart from beds, swivel wheels are widely used for office chairs, shopping trolleys and furniture. It's a popular choice among manufacturers from various industries.


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We Also Sell Custom Odd Size Mattresses


State of the Art Ordering System

Whether you order your Shorty Ottoman Bed online or over the phone, once we have your specifications, the guys at the factory have them too. This ensures that your new bed can be made as soon as possible.

We're proud of our short lead times compared to our competitors and whether you need something quickly or not, Linthorpe Beds is the obvious choice!

Order your Ottoman Bed Made to Measure Today!


Huge Delivery Network

There is no point in manufacturing great quality Odd Sized Ottomans, if customers are left unhappy due to the delivery process.

We have numerous specialist Direct Home Delivery companies at our disposal, including DX Freight. Your new bed will be delivered to your room of choice by a well trained 2 man team.

*3rd party deliveries exclude weekends & bank holidays


Excellent Working Relationships

To have Odd Size and Shorty Ottoman Beds made to your specifications, on time and to a high quality, there are numerous factors which need to work in tandem. The raw materials such as timber, textiles, springs and fittings all need to be constantly flowing into the factory to keep up with demand.

We try to keep our costs down with bulk purchases and pass the savings on to our customers. Great products at a fair price!