Dormeo Brand Guide

Who Are Dormeo?

Dormeo is one of leading sleep brands in Europe, launched in 2002 as a single mattress it has quickly developed into a full home and lifestyle brand, offering more than 80 different products. The brand has a clear strategy of bringing happiness and relaxation to its customers.

Back in 2002, many current memory foam ranges where either extremely expensive or lacking in quality, and this is where they saw a gap in the market. Starting as a single line product, the Italian made mattress quickly developed into a high quality range of memory foam mattresses which were packed with their own innovative features. The brand quickly became known across the whole of Europe.

With their range of mattresses each having its own Ecocell core, which can adapt to your body and temperature, ensuring a great night’s sleep. This is where they developed the philosophy of providing high quality home comforts at affordable prices.

Dormeo have a vision if finding the perfect balance between people, products and comfort. Offering a range of products in numerous shapes, sizes and colours. They are set on conquering the home comforts market. Through extensive research and development, the brand has created a sleep range that can attune to individual styles.

An International Sleep Brand

In just over 10 years, Dormeo have sold over 1million mattresses in over 40 countries around the world. The brand brings high quality Italian memory foam mattress direct to people’s homes, quickly becoming one of Europe’s most trusted and well known sleep brand in the process.

In an ever competitive market, the brand has decided to stand out through using unique technologies such as Ecocell. Operating in countries around the world they have developed mattresses that are suitable for use in any country.

With a quickly developing brand and ever changing product range, they believe in offering new and innovative sleep products, to help achieve a perfect nights sleep.

The Dormeo Range

As one of the leading sleep brands in Europe and quickly becoming well known throughout the rest of the world. Bringing top quality Italian memory foam for over 10 years they can help anyone achieve a well know sleep. The reviews online speak for themselves, with the brand scoring an impressive 8/10 on Trust Pilot.

The brand continues to source its memory foam for Italy due to the sheer high quality and luxury that if offers and at a competitive price which is passed onto the customers. Incorporating an Ecocell core that can adapt to your body’s shape and temperature with ease, helping to create the perfects night’s sleep at an affordable price.

FIRA Standard Mattresses

All of the range that Dormeo offer, meet standards set by the Furniture Industry Research Association also known as FIRA. FIRA is the UK’s largest furniture association and was established in 1949 by the furniture industry to help recognise and promote products of a high standard. The association is recognised for technical excellence, it provides a vast range of dedicated knowledge and technical support to global furniture supply chains across all market sectors. The range of products that Dormeo offers, all meet FIRA standards and guidelines, to ensure a high quality mattresses and further sleep range products.

Member of Fira
Dormeo Octaspring

Environmentally Friendly Mattresses

As a brand, they believe in using innovative technologies to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly mattresses and sleep ranges. With ground breaking materials that are at the peak of environmental friendliness, whilst still being able to provide a high quality sleep range, Dormeo has become one of the leading brands to promote its green footprint.


As one of the world fastest growing mattress brands, Dormeo has built up a reputation for their high quality range. Using innovative technologies such as Ecocell and Octaspring, they have developed an unbeatable range. The mattresses they offer range from single through to super king. There range offers high quality and luxury, whilst being affordable, helping you to achieve a better night’s sleep.


The Octaspring lierally reinvented the mattress and it’s sure to change the way you sleep. With a patented technology that offer 8 times for breathability that a traditional memory foam, it provides unrivalled ventilation that keeps you cool and fresh all night long.


One of Dormeo’s most recently launched products is there bedsteads. They offer a range of bedsteads including full bedsteads, divans and headboards. Designed to perfectly suit there range of mattresses, with one of their bedstead options, you can enjoy the full sleep experience that the brand prides itself on.


If you’re looking for the perfect pillow, then Dormeo has a range of memory foam pillows that are designed to provide the very best in comfort, hygiene and support. The offer an extensive range bedding range which includes cleaners, pillows, toppers, frette, duvets and mattress protectors. Investing in quality bedding products that compliment you bed arrangement, can provide additional comfort, whilst also extending the lifespan of your mattress.

What is memory foam?

Memory foam is a material which was initially developed by NASA, to provide astronauts with additional support during landing and take-off. Memory foam in mattress form is designed to react with the heat of the body, moulding around your body shape to give the ultimate night’s sleep and comfort.

I’ve heard memory foam can be quite smelly, is this the case with Dormeo?

This is commonly called off-gassing and most commonly occurs on cheap or imported memory foam products. When unpacking your product, there might be a faint smell from the foam, but this quickly disappears. With a Dormeo you won’t suffer from a smelly mattress.

Do I need to turn my mattress?

No you don’t need to turn your mattress. Unlike other mattresses, these type are designed to not need turning. However to keep an ever mattress rotating them head to toe is recommended every 2 weeks.

What sizes does memory foam come in?

The range is available in single, double, king and super king.

What bed base is best for memory foam?

Most bed bases work just fine. Dormeo do offer a range of bedsteads which are designed to perfectly suit their mattresses.

Dormeo Octaspring

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