Shorty Beds

Junior Beds, Shorter Length Beds, Kids Beds? Whatever you want to call them, we certainly specialise in them! Whether your bedroom is a little bit awkward, or you can't just quite fit a full length double in your caravan, a Shorty Bed from us is likely to be the very thing you need. Click on the link to view our Made to Measure Bed Frame page and simply select the dimensions you need. If a Shorty Bed Frame isn't quite what you're looking for, you should visit our Custom Size Divan Beds page, for an even larger selection of sizes, safe in the knowledge that with a divan set, you will be able to have a larger mattress than with a bed frame.

Maximise Your Space!

A Shorty Bed is also great for expanding the functionality in the rest of your bedroom. Think about it. More space for wardrobes, bookshelves and other furniture. If your window is in an awkward position, you can now have the option to let more light into the room. Shorty Beds are also great for kids too. More floor space, means more space to play - important especially if the room is shared with a sibling.
We also sell Shorty Bunk Beds via our Special Size Bed Frame page too.

Superb Storage Capabilities

Shorty Beds are not just limited to Shorty Bed Frames and Shorty Divan Sets. If you're looking to truly unleash the storage capabilities of your room, a Shorty Ottoman Bed is the way to go! Our Custom Size Ottoman Beds are divan style, ensuring that you don't need to lose any size off the mattress. The Shorty Ottoman Beds feature strong gas struts which hold the bed in the open position, allowing you to use both hands to place and retrieve your possessions.

Shorty Bunk Beds

If you have limited space and need to cater to more than one person sharing the same room, a Shorty Bunk Bed could be the ideal solution. This can be great for a childrens bedroom; the extra space allowing for furniture or play.

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