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Mattress & Topper

Mattress Toppers Explained

Toppers are a great accessory which is placed on top of an existing mattress, they’re designed to improve the quality and overall feel of the mattress. They can be ideal for people who want to “try” a new specification, such as memory foam without committing to buying a whole new mattress.

They can also add a bit of extra support and luxury to an existing mattress, or give an overly firm mattress more softness and comfort. Equally they can be used to “raise” the height of a mattress, if required.

Remember that the depth of a topper will generally determine the thickness, and the ability to “feel” the mattress underneath. Generally speaking the thicker the topper, the more comfort and padding the topper will have, however comfort is obviously a personal preference which differs from person to person.

It’s extremely important to remember that if your mattress is old or worn, a topper shouldn’t be used as a long term solution to “fix” this issue. It’s recommended that in this instance, a brand new mattress should be purchased.

You can use toppers in many different circumstances from caravans, motorhomes, campervans, trucks, boats and homes.

Rolled Mattress Topper
Don't Be Confused

Don't Be Confused.....

Sometimes people can get confused with the terms “mattress toppers” and “mattress protectors”, in theory these items both go on the top of a mattress however they are two very different items.

A mattress protector can sometimes be known as a mattress pad or underpad, this product typically sits on top of a mattress. Usually a protector will actually encase the mattress fully, so it offers 'full' protection. Generally a mattress protector is used in protecting against dust, spillages and the like, to keep a mattress in tip-top condition. However it's not uncommon for protectors to provide protection against allergens and irritants.

Typically the simplest form of a mattress protector is a lightly quilted fitted sheet (which you can buy in many places from bed shops to supermarkets) this will provide minimal protection against liquids and little or no protection from dust mites, bed bugs and other irritants. Remember, a mattress protector won’t add any extra “comfort” like a mattress topper will.

Mattress Topper

Made to Measure Mattress Topper

Mattress Protector

Mattress Protector

As you can see from the images above, mattress toppers and protectors are two very different products!


Custom Size Mattress Toppers...Great For Caravans


Made to Measure Mattress Toppers...Great for Trucks and Lorries

Trucks and Lorries

Special Size Mattress Toppers...Great for Boats and Yachts

Boat and Yachts