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So, What is an Ottoman Bed Exactly?

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An 'ottoman' as in "Ottoman Empire" was traditionally a wooden chest or box, which also doubled up as a chair, bench or footstool. This type of furniture originated in what is now modern day Turkey, with its ethos for multi function usage and an attractive design, still being very applicable today. It was only a matter of time then, before these ideals extended to the bedroom and the Ottoman Bed Frame was born.

Various styles of bed include the means to store possessions. Divan bases often include drawers and bed frames generally have space underneath for freestanding drawers or storage boxes, but each of these options come with their pros and cons. Divan drawers are fairly limited when it comes to size and storage boxes can be a little unsightly, if not cleverly hidden from view.

When looking at the rest of the room, traditional bedroom furniture such as wardrobes and chests of drawers, can be great for most of the storage space you might need, but they're not always a complete solution. What happens if you run out of space?

Additionally, think about how you can reduce the need for traditional bedroom furniture in the first place. A spare room for example, may only fit a single bed along with a wardrobe. A double ottoman bed could replace the need for the wardrobe whilst accommodating two guests at once!.

Ottoman Beds - Built for Style & Function

It's all fine and well ottoman beds having all this storage space, but they've got to look the part as well. Thankfully they're available in a huge range of styles and colours, with ottoman frames being made from wood or upholstered in fabric or faux leather. Wooden ottoman bed frames provide a traditional feel which benefits from the beauty of natural wood grain, finished with suitable stains to complete the look. With this in mind, you can opt for something which compliments your bedside tables and wardrobes etc.

Upholstered ottoman bed frames provide a more contemporary feel. Dark faux leather fabrics give a sense of sleekness, whereas lighter colours such as white or cream allow natural light to be reflected much more efficiently, giving a sense of space. Fabric choices give a softer and more welcoming message, which can easily be accentuated by soft furnishings and complimentary drapes.

Think about your existing bedroom decor or perhaps the look you are aiming for, if renovating the whole room. The whole point of ottoman beds is that they offer the same degree of style that traditional bed frames are capable of, coupled with their unmatched degree of storage capability.

Furthermore, there is another option to consider as well. Divan style ottoman beds include the solid fabric bases that divan beds have. This can be an ideal solution if space is limited. This is because divan bases sit flush with the mattress along the edges and no extra space needs to be taken into account on the length and width to ensure a decent fit. These types of ottoman bed are now being featured by well known manufacturers such as Silentnight, with custom size ottoman beds being covered in our very own range.


Gas Powered Struts

Ottoman Bed bases are supported by strong gas powered struts, which are part of the hinge mechanisms. Once the bed has been opened to a certain point, these struts do the rest of the work and reduce the effort required to raise the mattress. Think of it a bit like power assisted steering. Furthermore, these struts will also hold the base in the 'open position,' leaving both of your hands free to place and retrieve possessions freely.

Tip: Most ottoman beds are designed so that they can only be closed if there is a mattress present on top of the base. This feature is built in to the gas struts themselves.

When assembling an ottoman bed frame, it is always advisable to have a second person help you place the mattress on top of the 'open' bed base, if it is particularly heavy.

Bed Base Lifting Straps

To help assist you in opening the ottoman bed base there will be a strap present. On ottoman bed frames these are typically made from polyproylene webbing, which has been stitched into a simple loop. On occasion, these straps might be bolted at either end to form a more traditional handle shape. To ensure longevity of this strap, it is advisable to only use it by means to access to the metal base. From this point on, the base should be lifted using the base itself, as it is far stronger. These handles neatly tuck away when not in use.

With Divan Style Ottoman Bed Bases, the handles are often made from the same material as the upholstery on the base itself. This is usually because these handles do not tuck away and are therefore aslways on show.

Maximised Storage Space!

The main draw of ottoman bed bases is their storage capability. Beneath the mattress you will find that you have access to the entire space within the ottoman bed base. To allow the bed to function effectively, this means that ottoman beds are made to a much higher specification than standard bed frames or divan sets. The framework must be able to not only withstand the pressure placed upon it from repeated opening and closing of the base, but it must also be suitable for items to be stored inside of it. With this in mind, most ottoman beds are 'boarded out' along the bottom and are far superior to the bottoms of drawers that you would find within a regular divan base.

Occasionally, cheaper ottoman bed frames may just feature a simple sheet of hessian along the bottom in lieu of a solid platform. In these instances there is not normally an issue, as the bed will be low enough than items can essentially rest on your floor. Make sure to enquire about what sort of a platform exists at the bottom of the bed base, if you are unsure.