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Duralite Voyager Island King Size Mattress w/ Bolster


Reflex Foam
Cool Blue Foam
20cm / 8" Depth
Medium to Soft Tension
6 Year Warranty
Rolled Mattress
Non Turn Mattress
Overall Width (A):
Overall Length (B):
Bolster to Curve (C):
Straight Width Bottom (D):
Bolster Length (E):
Recycle Old Bed / Mattress:
Price £1,359.95 inc. VAT
4 Weeks

The Duralite Voyager is an upgrade to the Adventurer Mattress, boasting twice the depth of cool blue foam!

Cool blue as the name implies, helps to regulate your body temperature as you lie on it, enabling you to sleep through the night and gain more rest, even on those warmer, humid nights in your caravan. By reducing the discomfort from your body overheating, this discourages tossing and turning, so your body can recharge without wasting some of its energy.

This is further aided by the Thermocool cover, which is breathable allowing the cool blue foam to disperse your excess body heat and keep it at a comfortable, optimal level.

If you're familiar with how traditional memory foam works, the other benefits of cool blue are very much the same. As you rest on the mattress, the natural curvature of your back and muscles is absorbed into the surface layer, meaning that you sink very slightly into it. This is extremely useful in terms of comfort and support. Think about it. No-one's back is perfectly flat, so the shape must be accommodated by a mattress, in order for it to be both comfortable and supportive. This helps keep your spine correctly aligned, which works to maintain a healthy overall posture.

The cool blue gently moulds to your shape as you lie on it, taking the load bearing strain away from your lower back and shoulders. By helping to distribute your body weight in a balanced manner, this prevents areas of pressure from building up on your body, which may otherwise cause aches and pains.

Beneath the cool blue you'll find a deep and reliable base layer of Duralite. This remarkable foam is lightweight but robust, preventing you from sinking too deeply into the mattress and providing some solid support to your lower lumbar, where the spine meet the pelvis.

As with all of our Duralite Mattress Range, the Voyager is confidently supplied with a 6 Year Warranty periodPeace of body, peace of mind.

Mattress Core Foam
Delivery Speed 4 Weeks
Mattress Tension Medium to Soft
Fillings Specification Cool Blue (Double Layer)
Core Specification Duralite Foam Base
Measured Depth Approx. 20cm / 8 Inches Deep
Duralite Foam

Duralite Foam

Sitting at the heart of the Voyager is the simply amazing Duralite foam, as stated in the name Duralite is durable and light! Now just because the foam is lightweight doesn’t mean that it prohibited from offering the same level of comfort and support that similar foams do, Duralite provides a solid foundation that supports your body while preventing a sinking sensation while you lay upon the mattress.

7.5cm Cool Blue Foam

7.5cm Cool Blue Layer

Laying atop the Duralite foam is a sumptuous layer of Cool Blue foam. This foam softly caresses the curves of your unique body shape allowing for supreme comfort and bespoke support. Not only that but Cool Blue has amazing heat dispersal properties, making sure that you stay cool as a cucumber and snug as a bug while you sleep.

Medium Firm Tension

Medium Tension

This mattress has a tension rating of Medium.

Mattress Depth

Mattress Depth

The Voyager mattress measures at 20cm metric and 8 inches in imperial measurements.

Single Sided Mattress


Take it easy, as the Voyager mattress only simply needs to be rotated regularly to keep it in tip top shape.

Six Year Warranty

Six Year Warranty

Sleep soundly in the knowledge that the Voyager mattress features a whopping 6 years warranty.

Thermocool Cover

Thermocool Cover

Here is some cool information, the Voyager mattress comes pleasantly presented in a Thermocool cover. While making the mattress look extra snazzy the Thermocool cover allows for the Cool Blue foam to disperse your excess body heat maintaining a comfortable sleep temperature.

UK made mattress

Produced in the UK

This mattress is produced within the UK.


Have your new mattress shipped to your home address, or direct to the caravan at the leisure park:

Make your selection at the checkout and choose an exact delivery date on the calendar. You'll be given a text message the day before delivery, giving you a 3 hour timeslot. Saturday Delivery is charged at £25.

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Duralite Voyager Island King Size Mattress w/ Bolster

Duralite Voyager Island King Size Mattress w/ Bolster
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