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Duralite Wayfarer Hybrid Island King Size Mattress w/ Bolster
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6 Year Warranty

Duralite Wayfarer Hybrid Island King Size Mattress w/ Bolster


6 Year Warranty
Medium to Firm Feel
26cm / 10 Inch Depth
Made to Your Dimensions
Cool Blue Memory Foam
1500 Encapsulated Pocket Springs
Reinforced Duralite Border
Embossed Fabric Cover
Delivered to Your Bedroom
Saturday Delivery Available
Free Delivery to Home or Leisure Park

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4-6 Weeks Delivery

The Wayfarer Hybrid Mattress perfectly combines the design of a pocket sprung mattress, with the use of cool blue memory foam in this exciting new concept. If you want a mattress with a luxuriously generous depth, the Wayfarer is 10 inches (26cm) from panel to panel and packed to the hilt with impressive technology.

First we'll start with the 1500 pocket spring system, a type of spring which has been the mainstay of premium quality mattresses for decades. The springs are individual in nature and are not restricted in movement by any sort of a wire framework. Each of the 1500 metal springs are wrapped in their own fabric sleeve and sewn together, allowing the depression of each spring to mirror the exact level of pressure placed upon it. In practice this allows the support system at the core of the mattress to target both the shape of your body (following your curves) and offer greater force in support of heavier areas (like your hips and shoulders).

Whether you sleep on your back, side, or change between the two, it really doesn't matter. The spring adjust accordingly to keep your spine correctly aligned regardless.

If you share your bed with a spouse or partner, the Wayfarer has you covered. 'Roll together' is effectively eliminated and motion transfer is kept to a minimum. The individual nature of the springs simply absorb the effects of one person's movements, leaving the other person free from disturbance.

Most people don't realise but spring mattresses in general come with an outdated design flaw which seriously hampers the longevity of the product. If you sit on the edge of your bed when putting on your socks and shoes for example, you're actually damaging the mattress by bending the 'rod edge wire' over time! We've corrected this and given our Duralite Hybrid mattresses a bit of an upgrade in the process.

By replacing the edge wire with a thick Duralite frame, this ensures the Wayfarer can keep its shape for far longer than a traditional pocket sprung mattress. The internal border doesn't just give the mattress edge-to-edge support (maximising your sleeping area), but the Duralite reinforcement means that you can sit on the mattress, or even bend it, without fear of ruining its shape.

This also reduces the weight of the mattress as well, making it a wonderfully comfortable but also practical addition to your home away from home.

As with all of our Duralite Mattress Range, the Wayfarer is confidently supplied with a 6 Year Warranty period. Peace of body, peace of mind.

Mattress Core Pocket Springs
Delivery Speed 4-6 Weeks Delivery
Mattress Tension Medium to Firm
Fillings Specification Cool Blue
Core Specification 1500 Pocket Springs
Measured Depth Approx. 26cm / 10 Inches Deep
Pocket Springs

1500 Pocket Springs

Nestled at the heart of the mattress are 1500 pocket springs. Each individual pocket spring is housed within a fabric pocket, being placed within these fabric pockets allows each spring to move separately unlike traditional spring systems that move as one. With each spring moving as a singular entity, it allows the mattress to follow the flow of your body, supporting your body’s pressure points so you can have opulent night’s sleep.

Duralite Foam Encapsulation

Duralite Foam Encapsulation

Surrounding the 1500 pocket springs is a border of Duralite foam, this foam protects the springs and keeps its shape for far longer than a traditional mattress. But there’s more, as the Duralite foam encapsulation enhances the mattress even more giving it the additional benefit of edge-to-edge support! So, wherever you sleep or sit on the mattress, you will feel the same level of comfort.

5cm Memory Foam Layer

Memory Foam

Resting atop the Duralite foam is a generous layer of memory foam, this memory foam moulds itself to your body shape. Hitting all those sweet spots for maximum comfort and tranquillity while you slumber.

2.5cm Cool Blue Layer

Cool Blue Foam

Resting on top of the mattress is a layer of cool blue foam now like its colleague memory foam, cool blue mould itself to your body shape but doesn’t retain heat to the same level as memory foam. Maintaining a comfortable sleeping temperature while you sleep.

No Roll Together

No Roll Together

With all this wonderous sleep technology working together, the Wayfarer virtually eliminates the sensation of roll-together keeping you and your partner comfortable while you are using the mattress.

Mattress Depth

Mattress Depth

The mattress measures at 10 inches in imperial measurements or 26cm in metric.

Medium Firm Tension

Mattress Tension

The Wayfarer has a mattress tension of Medium/Firm.


6 Year Warranty

Rest easy at night, safe in the knowledge that your brand-new mattress comes with 6 years warranty.

UK made mattress

Produced in the UK

This mattress is produced within the UK.


Have your new mattress shipped to your home address, or direct to the caravan at the leisure park:

Make your selection at the checkout and choose an exact delivery date on the calendar. You'll be given a text message the day before delivery, giving you a 3 hour timeslot. Saturday Delivery is charged at £25.

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Duralite Wayfarer Hybrid Island King Size Mattress w/ Bolster

Duralite Wayfarer Hybrid Island King Size Mattress w/ Bolster
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